The Abyss – Favorite Scene

Anyone that’s a fan of The Abyss has GOT to see those. No way you couldn’t like them! 🙂

I think his Terminator movies are his strongest work. T2 even now, nearly a quarter century after it was first released, still looks amazing. The effects were built specifically to enhance the story and are integrated seamlessly into it. But the story, the human interactions and the characters are of primary import which isn’t always the case in effects laden blockbusters today.

Cameron is a master story teller and can find intimate, beautiful personal details in movies, regardless of whether the movie is set in a post apocalyptic future, like The Terminator, or in a disastrous past, like Titanic.

For me, his best work will always be The Terminator and T2; the first movie ushered in 80’s filmmaking and made a monumental star of Schwarzenegger, while the second ushered in the primacy of special effects tent pole movies and day and date releases on a global scale.

The word genius is bandied about a little too liberally these days but I honestly feel it aptly describes Cameron. There is no future except that which we make and Cameron has played his part in making ours.

What a respectable dood in how he handled goin with Henson studios instead of consulting with Giger. In no way did he hope to recapture the lightning in a bottle of the first movie (which, though apples to oranges I feel is the best of the franchise) but instead stamped every inch of the predetermined concept with his own creative vision. As for strictly his body of work I think Aliens and Abyss are two sides of the same coin, both completely amazing in their own right, from Coffee as a tragic villain to Bishop as a tragic hero. Two of the most iconic characters to date.

It’s a matter of story architecture. Deus ex machina + asspull is generally frowned upon.

That is, a well-structured story ties in these capabilities, even “magical”, with some degree of consistency and hopefully logic. They could affect water in strange ways and a lot of strange stuff. But decompressing a body would be all sorts of complex, the established story was that the sea-aliens didn’t really understand humans down there- including our biology- and they didn’t have any scene where, say, alien-manipulated water surrounded them and sucked the nitrogen saturation out of them. What’s more, arguably the instant-surfacing doesn’t really seem to be a necessary, meaningful part of the climax. There would be many other ways to resolve the characters’ storylines without instant-resurfacing.

Thus the common complaint- the story kinda fell flat on the ending. Movie’s great if you just ignore the ending.

I sure didn’t like the ending of Avatar either. The whole story was based on this thing where he wasn’t actually a blue alien, just remotely controlling it, yet still empathizing with them. There was no long-term resolution for that. Then at the last minute we’re told that consciousness could be transferred permanently, even though there was no precedent in the plot of “soul transfer” of any sort. All effected by a hippie drum circle.

Even so, it needs to have been established as an issue that needs to be resolved. Furthermore, it’s got to be a metaphor for a relatable problem for the audience to take personally.

Decompression wasn’t established with a meaningful metaphor for anything else- what’s more, the story was really reaching to try to say that sudden ascent was even something the characters needed. It was rather arbitrary.

Cameron’s original ending was the sea-aliens watched our TV and deemed us a violent, dangerous species, and menaced the world’s coastlines everywhere with an immense static tidal wave hundreds of feet high that it held and dropped back.

The sea-aliens revealing themselves to the world by ascending was the primary plot point. Returning the crew with them was only a detail.

I have loved this movie since I was a kid. Really moving film. My favourite scene is when Ed Harris refuses to give up on reviving Mary Mastrantonio and screams, (paraphrasing) “Live!! LIVE! You’ve never given up on anything in your life! Live you bitch!” and slaps her in a desperate attempt to bring her back. It kills me every time. The scene feels so real.

Oil Discovery and Distribution of Wealth in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (1968)

I know very little about the ME, but I think most, including myself, would agree that Dubai is an anomaly. The Saudi’s seems to have a bit of a handle of other sources of investment, but given their handling of the recent oil crisis, I’d say they generally have their heads up their butts. They seem completely unwilling to negotiate, all the while several EM oil producing nations are on the brink of insolvency due to low oil. It’s almost like the collective bargaining we see here in The States with our bankrupt schools/municipalities. Both side know we’re fucked, but neither is willing to meet anywhere near the middle.

Side note of interest, I just learned that Mexico, one of the top 10 oil producers, went into 2013-now nearly 100% hedged. They basically own the oil futures market through 2016.

They’re working hard to develop technology (energy, water, and food technologies are going to be huge over the next 100 years), engineering (land reclamation – both from the sea and from the desert – could be a big business as available land becomes more scarce), entertainment, and finance industries to continue their prosperity, so the oft-touted condescension that they’ll be nothing once the oil runs out will likely ring hollow.

They’re aiming to join the likes of the European finance and entertainment-based principalities like Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Andorra, and Lichtenstein. I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t succeed, given the money and effort they’re putting into it. Once you have a lot of money it’s a lot easier to make more money off of it if you don’t act too stupidly. Money attracts money and finance is a great way to make a ton of money just holding and managing other people’s money (especially if you’re morally and/or ethically flexible). They’ve put so much money into their entertainment sector as well that if they just relax their conservative values a bit in the future they could rely on that as a large, constant stream of capital.

Also, you can do AMAZING things really quickly when you have a workforce you can treat as slaves and you don’t give a shit about human life or dignity. Truly amazing things. Those dirty towel-head goat-fucking terrorists will be fine.

Umar ibn Khattab (Allah be well pleased with him) said: “As we were sitting one day before the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him), a man suddenly appeared. He wore pure white clothes and his hair was dark black—yet there were no signs of travel on him, and none of us knew him. He came and sat down in front of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), placing his knees against his, and his hands on his thighs. He said, “O Muhammad! Tell me about Islam.”

The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) replied, “Islam is to bear witness that there is no god but God and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God; and to perform the prayer; pay zakat; fast Ramadan; and to perform Hajj to the House if you are able.”

The man said, “You have spoken the truth,” and we were surprised that he asked and then confirmed the answer. Then, he asked, “Tell me about belief (iman).”

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) replied, “It is to believe in Allah; His Angels; His Books; His Messengers; the Last Day; and in destiny—its good and bad.”

The man said, “You have spoken the truth. Now, tell me about spiritual excellence (ihsan).”

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) replied, “It is to serve Allah as though you behold Him; and if you don’t behold him, (know that) He surely sees you.”

“Now, tell me of the Last Hour,” asked the man.

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) replied, “The one asked knows no more of it than the one asking.”

“Then tell me about its signs,” said the man.

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) replied, “That slave women give birth to their mistresses; and that you see barefoot, unclothed, beginning shepherds competing in the construction of tall buildings.

Then the visitor left, and I waited a long time. Then the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) asked me, “Do you know, Umar, who the questioner was?” I replied, “Allah and His Messenger know best.”He said (Allah bless him and give him peace), “It was Jibril(Angel Gabriel). He came to you to teach you your religion.”Sahih Muslim”

TPP: The Dirtiest Trade Deal You’ve Never Heard Of

Strong public outcry doesn’t mean shit. Nobody working in this gives one flying fuck about our opinions on this thing, and they’re not gonna change course unless the money changes course. And that ain’t happening. All this “write your congressman!” bullshit is nonsense. That system no longer functions–it’s set up to placate us while corporations do whatever they want.

America is an oligarchy, when the needs of the elite go up against the needs of the poor, the elite wins… always. The only time the little people win is when two elites are fighting each other and some scraps fall off the table.

Its like the movies where the scrappy underdog goes up against the elite team, except the game is rigged so that underdog loses horribly, has his family’s house taken away, and is put in prison for trying, unless the police decide to execute him outright. And its all perfectly legal.

Strong public outcry does help. Especially when directed in writing by actual constituents to their respective congresspersons.

But that’s a national response. What’s needed is international organization and payback. These conglomerates need a lesson in organized public justice. A boycott. Hit their bottom lines. The worst thing you can do to an organization whose sole purpose is to maximize profit.

And before people respond with ‘boycotts never work’, know that public relations firms are hired the world over to propagate that myth. Because mass boycotts are extraordinarily effective. It just takes organization and counter-public relations.

These companies need to be punished for their intransigence against democratic process. And those who supported it in government as well. With a swift kick to the ass out of office.

Well yeah, morons are too busy being distracted by shit like gay marriage being legalized, confederate flag garbage. The news isnt covering the topic at all, theyre busy distracting the sheep.

Equal Right are great and all, but its meaningless if we lose our freedom.

The Mystery of the Missing Million(2002)

The expectations on Japanese men is unreal. I worked for a very large Japanese manufacturing company at one of its USA locations. During plant start up, many of the Japanese engineers were on site to “help”. We got a glimpse of their world. If I were trapped in something like that, I’d definitely consider suicide. In Japan, engineers for this company must always have their desk/offices on the first floor. They’ve had such an issue with engineers snapping, running up to a higher floor or the roof, and jumping. If an engineer or technical person has to go to a higher floor (say, for a meeting), then they must be escorted by a manager.

They’re expected to get there super early and work until super late. They usually all go eat dinner and drink together in the evening and then go back to the office for a few hours. It’s considered rude and unprofessional to leave before your supervisor does. The thing is… they aren’t really any more productive than their American counterparts. They just spread out their work over a longer day. They might work for a few hours, shoot shit for a few hours, and repeat.

The difference is that they cant have a life outside of their career and meet career expectations. Suicide is a huge problem among Japanese technical professionals.

If you’re going to do this though you need to instill a sense of community and togetherness, or you’re just going to have people living in close proximity but who are really still estranged from one another.

I propose a badge of sorts that they can (must) affix to their shirt front or shirt sleeve, and when you see another of your concentration camp mates out you can tell them apart because they have their badge on their shirt. So you’d be out in a crowd but you could always feel like you had friends around so long as you saw some badges (which could be like stars I guess).

There’s probably plenty of workplaces near you that have implemented “anti-harassment” policies instead of actually doing anything to change the workplace culture. The place that I work (or at least the office staff at the place I work from) have started a trend of requesting standing desks because being sedentary is bad for your health, so let’s all be sedentary on our feet rather than being sedentary on our asses like we used to be (studies have shown that standing desks do little, it’s actually about how much physical activity you do.)

We know that marketing shit food to kids has an impact on childhood obesity and the incidence of “lifestyle diseases”. What do we do? Provide nutritional information so that overworked and absentee parents could figure out just how bad all those different breakfast cereals are for their kids if only they had the time and inclination (and the energy to deal with having yet-another tantrum before the kids are ready for school.)

Hunter S. Thompson Omnibus 1978

BBC program Omnibus features Nigel Finch’s 50-minute 1978 documentary of Hunter S. Thompson and Ralph Steadman titled “Fear And Loathing In Gonzovision” at the beginning and “Fear And Loathing On The Road To Hollywood With Dr. Hunter S. Thompson And Ralph Steadman” at the end.
Sorry, Deutschland, you can’t watch it, I guess. Due to the song at the end. Blame the corporate moguls and their swarms of lawyers.

“Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.”

I own no rights or make any profit from this video,as it’s only for educational purposes and to make people aware of Hunter S. Thompson and Ralph Steadman.

The Great Shark Hunt’ is great. It’s in the same vein as the Las Vegas book, or ‘The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved’- not a political or cultural article, but more of a gonzo-style (i.e. heavily ‘flavoured’, or semi-fictionalised) story about what he and a friend got up to during their coverage of an island yacht race (or fishing competition, I forget which). The best part is when they leave the island and have to reenter the US- rather than ditch all their drugs, they decide to eat all of them on the plane, which creates chaos. Very funny.

Back in the early 90’s we booked him to speak at our university. It was the job of my roommate & myself to meet him at a restaurant and get him to the hall where he was going to speak.

Over an hour late he come screeching up in a Camaro, glass of whisky between his legs and his assistant in the passenger seat. I was a big fan of the “Fear & Loathing” movie that Bill Murray did. Hunter in real life was exactly as portrayed by Murray (I heard somewhere that Murray lived with him for a while to get his mannerisms down).

Anyway, immediately after getting into the dressing room, he goes to the bathroom to do some lines. He was just so delightfully unhinged, you never knew if he was going to go off.

He had 2 rules in his contract rider:

No Podium, just a table with 2 mics
A bottle of Chivas, ice and a glass on the table.

Well, my stupid Stage Manager somehow didn’t get the memo. Also, since it was a University we weren’t allow to supply liquor “officially”, so one of the security folks was going to bring it out in a pitcher.

Hunter goes on stage, sees the podium and slams it (very hard). Pissed off, he turns back to the dressing room and sees the dude with this god-awful pitcher full of Chivas, he slams into him, spilling Chivas all over the Security guy and storms into the dressing room.

We were eventually able to straighten things out and get him to agree to go on stage – had to get a second bottle of Chivas. I still remember to this day that dented aluminum pitcher….ugh.

Weird Flying Sabertooth Tiger SKYRIM

In about a week or two he’s going to be walking across a field and the sabre cat is going to come down on him like a meteor.

I’m disappointed that I bought the Xbox version of this game and not the PC. The only glitch I have experienced is a horses ass sticking out of the ground, and I had no way of capturing it :/

What I’ve always wondered with these videos, how do you know this was going to happen so you turned on the recording? Or do you have a recording programme running all the time in the background?

As someone already pointed out in this thread, its probably just a mod gone wrong. He did it once, noticed the funny results, and did it again while recording. But hey, if you’d like to believe that his commentary was completely extemporaneous and that he had no idea what was happening, be my guest. Not a problem either way.

Personally, I keep fraps on(but not recording) when I’m playing, just in case. And when I see something crazy start going down or something that looks like it’ll be awesome, I just hit the hotkey to start recording.

Other times I just forget that I have the recording thing on and accidently get something cool on fraps. Sucks though when I have to sort through that shit later trying to find that epic moment. >_<

Robocop Commercials

I have seen the X-rated cut of Robocop, and the violence was so over the top it was actually funny. The dialed back violence in the R-rated was somehow worse for because it was not cartoony, if that makes sense. The scene where the ED 209 robot shoots the executive by accident was one scene they cut back. In the X-rated version the ED 209 keeps shooting for a ridiculous amount of time until the exec is basically a bullet ridden husk. The X-rated version is probably closer to what the director envisioned, as he was a European director before this and he set out to make his vision of a big, stupid Hollywood movie.

I think the reboot completely shat the bed when they made Murphy not be considered dead and not have his memories suppressed when they turned him into a robot. Then they made the villains so bland and indistinct. There was so little conflict they had to make problems for themselves late into the movie with “lol let’s have him download the entirety of the criminal database 5 minutes before a press conference”, up until then everything was going so smooth.

This is why the reboot was so wanky. Not the absence of the commercials, although that was a disappointment, but the attitude that commercials were part of. The whole human/robot duality thing was way heavy-handed in the new flick. The original was satirical, brutal, and left the audience to infer the message. The reboot had potential but missed the mark.

What I thought made Robocop special was the onscreen chemistry between Peter Weller and Nancy Allen. I think Nancy Allen was what gave the original Robocop movie it’s heart. The scene where she dares to defy the corporate big shots controlling him and tells him his real name – Murphy. Plus the scene where she first sees him in the shooting range and notices the way Robocop twirls his revolver – that’s when she knew it was her partner Murphy.

Santos 4×5 Flamengo Campeonato Brasileiro 2011

Goals: Borges, 4, 16, Neymar, 26, Ronaldinho Gaúcho, 28, Thiago Neves, 31, Deivid, 43 minutes from the first half; Neymar, 5, Ronaldinho Gaucho, 22, 36 minutes of the second half

Yellow cards: Welinton, Willians, Thiago Neves, Renato (Flamengo). Léo, Neymar (Santos)

Location: Vila Belmiro, in Santos (SP).

Referee: André Luiz de Freitas Castro (GO).

Auxiliary: Márcio Eustáquio Santiago (MG) and Erich Bandeira (PE).

Income and public: R $ 312,040.00 / 12,968 paying.

Rafael, Pará, Edu Dracena, Durval and Léo; Arouca, Ibson, Elano (Alan Kardec) and Goose; Neymar and Borges.
Coach: Muricy Ramalho

Felipe, Léo Moura, Welinton (David), Ronaldo Angelim and Junior Cesar; Willians, Luiz Antonio (Bottinelli), Renato and Thiago Neves; Ronaldinho and Deivid (Jean).
Coach: Vanderlei Luxembourg

Difficult to find an adjective to qualify what Santos and Flamengo did on Wednesday night, at Vila Belmiro, for the 12th round of the Brasileirão. A show, a concert, a show? It’s too little. It was, finally, a historical game, which will be remembered for a long time. In the end, Flamengo, of Ronaldinho Gaúcho, who lost 3-0, ended up getting the better of Santos, in a 5 to 4 to fill his eyes, to erase from the memory of the Brazilian fans the bureaucratic football presented by the Brazilian National Team Copa America The red-black ace, in short, showed the one that came when he returned to Brazil. It was great, as it was a long time ago, scoring three goals, reaching eight, top scorer of the competition. Neymar also shone, with disconcerting dribbles and two goals, the first anthological.

Batman Begins – Teaser Trailer

I remember years & years ago when the Scooby-Doo teaser came out, I Was sitting next to my Batman obsessed friend in the theater. Everything about the teaser screamed Batman, the Mansion, the bats, & it was produced by Warner Bros. Mind you at the time we had no idea how the tone of the new movies were going to pan out, we just got over the Batman & Robin horseshit so we were used to the goofiness of recent Batman movies, anything that looked remotely better than the Joel Schumacher movies, we were on board and this teaser looked to be that way. My friend perked up in his seat as said “ohhhhh shiiit” but as soon that the Batman-esque silhouette was revealed to be none other than Scooby-Doo he let out a very audible “WHAT THE FUCK!” & the entire theater erupted in laughter.

For anyone interested there’s a great article on Mentalfloss about how one of the producers of the 1989 Batman film, Michael Ulman, convinced the father of his co-worker, a former MGM executive, and his parters to buy the rights to Batman and how hard it was to convince Hollywood studios to jump on board because their idea of a superhero was a pure and almighty Superman type figure and not some dark and internally conflicted character.

My fiancée and I just rewatched that trilogy again, and while I think the hype and publicity heaped on The Dark Knight is warranted (it’s a damn good movie even if it weren’t part of the trilogy), Batman Begins is, for me, the better movie. Christian Bale is much more captivating learning to Batman than he is as an established hero, and the sense of foreboding at the end is what really, for me, stoked the fires for The Dark Knight to be the marquee film of the trilogy.

I still really like TDKR I don’t quite understand why no one else does. Anytime I ask people can’t give a valid reason. I mean I get it TDK was good, the joker something something Heath ledger but Tom Hardy made a great character IMO and ideologically what batman goes through in the movie is a great plot line completely different then the struggles he dealt with in other movies.

Point is I think people like TDK so much they refuse to see the other movies for what they are which is quite unfair. I personally believe that Begins was a better “Batman” movie because Christian Bale is a great Bruce Wayne, and Begins is all about Bruce developing into the bat. I think Bale is a pretty bland Batman, though, but that’s partly also because of the scripts. They went too far trying to humanize Batman and didn’t give nearly enough attention to Batman in the sequels, which I think was a huge lost opportunity, especially considering how great Bale would’ve been in some of the more distraught and psychotic Batman stories.

When I watch TDK and Rises I feel like Nolan was throwing a bone to actors that he felt deserved a huge breakout role. He wasn’t wrong but it took the films in direction that I didn’t particularly like, even though they were great movies.

Caroma Dual Flush Toilet – Supreme Dual Flush Power

I always wondered why plungers were so readily available in TV/Movies. Even read the other day in an AskReddit thread titled something like “What is something you should have before you need it” and someone mentioned a plunger.

I legitimately don’t think I’ve ever had one in my house, even as a child.

I’ve never blocked at a toilet, but I’ve had my waste not flush before. Although usually you just close the lid, come back in half an hour and flush again.

Is that what you mean or legitimately water-backing-up blocked? I’ve only ever seen that in public toilets, probably because someone stuff in tons of toilet paper or a nappy.

Edit: I suck at sentences.

Another commenter pointed out that the higher water level in American toilets means they get far fewer skidmarks. In their words, “It’s common to see plungers in an American toilet, and in Australia, it’s common to see toilet brushes.” So basically it’s a tradeoff. Personally I’d prefer a skidmark to an actually clogged toilet, but I guess Midwestern America isn’t ready to deal with the idea of someone seeing evidence of their shame.

American toilets are superior for one thing. They make your poops super long. Since the water is so high, the there’s less gravitation force applied to the faeces. So yes, while Australian toilets might be a better overall system, an American toilet will always win hands down when it comes to producing a consistent, unbroken stool.