The U.S. History of the on Public Transport in the Last Century

Believe it or not, I actually prefer train travel – even in the U.S. with it’s slow trains. You can get your own private room for less money than a plane ticket. Almost no waiting when you get there. It’s nice and relaxed, lots of room, power for your laptop, food car if you get hungry, no baggage costs if you don’t and want to bring a snack.

Sure, it takes 4X as long in the actual ride, but the difference is, the time isn’t wasted. Imagine trying to get actual work done on an airplane…. On a train, it’s easy. I’d go to and from college on the amtrak and just relax and study with the country meandering by.

There was a station in the college town, versus the airport being 80 miles away. Adding together all of the time in transit/TSA/bullshit it was 7-8 hours all told for the plane (not counting mention being stuck overnight in the damn airport on 2 separate occasions), 14 for the train.

Train every time. Seriously. 14 hours of leisure is infinitely better than 7 hours of moderate discomfort..

It can be cheaper and you can bring more luggage on a train for free. It’s also a lot more relaxing, but it really depends on the destination.

For example me and my husband went to Chicago for a long weekend. DC to Chicago with a private room on the train that included dinner and breakfast round trip was like 530 bucks for both of us and its basically a 24ish hour trip.

We got to spend a whole day together in our room watching TV and just hanging out. The food was fabulous and we got to see the country passing by outside.

Compared to a plane, which was faster, but $680 round trip and we would have had to pay an additional night in a hotel for 120ish.

Train travel can also be great when you need/want downtime while travelling, sometimes fast isn’t the best option when you are relaxing or NEED time to decompress.

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