Jewish student caught painting Swastikas

Yeah by definition this is not a conspiracy. Its just a lone dipshit looking for attention. I also find it funny that this story is at the front page of this sub but if it were any other race, religion, etc it would get ignored. See if you can find any trace that this similar but more extreme version of this story involving a black woman from a few years back was even a blip on this subreddit’s radar.

I watched a documentary that followed a typical class of Israeli children as they prepare to be taken to Auschwitz to be re-educated. It was really eye-opening, a window into the kind of mindset that creates persons like this.

They start out as normal teens, with the understanding that ‘everyone hates them’ for some reason. But they are mostly ambivalent about it. Then they are taken to holocaust memorials and just have the tragedy of the whole thing beat into their heads while adults tell them that if they’re not vigilant against the entire rest of the world it WILL happen again.

Of course this creates in the teens a very strong bond among them and against everyone else. They feel persecuted without any direct persecution taking place, and I feel like later in life, when going through the normal angst of being human, this can manifest as self-hatred for being saddled with the “Responsibility” of being Jewish. (Not unlike the “Responsibility” of being White American that can manifest as hatred for all ‘foreigners’.

The lashing out that happens as a response is bound to look something like what we’re seeing: a call for sympathy and empathy through subversive acts. They want people to identify with the pain and suffering that was installed by an industry that must keep the pain and suffering alive to remain relevant. This goes beyond religion and is into the realm of business and geopolitical positioning.

I think its a bit more complicated than just drama – they have to continue this constant false threat against them so our Western government’s continue to support the terrorist Israeli regime without the general public complaining about it. You constantly hear about the “rise” of anti-semitism even when it does not exist or there is no threat to them.

It convinces the masses that : “we’re suffering in your own civilized countries, how do you think we suffer in the savage Middle East ? Everyone wants to destroy us there”.

Even though without the existence of Israel, I think the Middle East, and the rest of the world, would be a safer place. Our continued support to them is the main reason for the instability of that region.

The Lightbulb Conspiracy

Stage 1 (Advertisement), and 3 (Credit) are well known and often discussed in the mainstream arena.
Stage 2 of the consumer process is much less talked about.

Stage 2 – Planned Obsolescence..
Obsolescence is the state of being which an object, service or practice is no longer wanted, even though it may still be in good working order.. (bar say one ‘irreparable’ defect.. exampled in this case, of the planned variety.
(Often compulsory for those entering into an established market.. i.e. permitted to remain in the fold.)

Thanks to these international, inter-company agreements (well illustrated here in the case of the light bulb’s life-reduction over the last century) we really Do have an identifiable template under which large companies Are going to operate.. to maintain consistent profits.

These agreements also foster alliances and understandings between the largest companies, solidifying the groups’ monopoly/ duopoly/ oligopoly etc. over their particular market areas.

If there is a display of competition and output styles between the different companies, there Will at least be Some agreements in place to preserve both a steady income and mutually beneficial consolidation for the established players involved. Negating any veritable competition.

These collectivist tactics have been going on too long.. resulting in disastrous consequences globally, in ever-decreasing/expanding circles (how ever you see it) of self-interest.

The illusion of competition is diligently maintained. It’s part of everyday business now. Maintained by those in the know (the heads of companies, executives, lobbyists etc.) for the ‘benefit’ of the consciences of those further down the chain of influence and for those who’d actually care to watch what’s going on.

These sorts of corporate activities serve big money interests alone.

NOTE: Over time, production processes are becoming less and less dependent on man power and this is not as good a thing as the Zeitgeist movement would like to promote. (Be careful who your thought-givers are, and what social-engineering intentions for that movement may be). Just do be aware, all otherwise well-meaning movements and institutions Are coopted by the big-boys sooner or later.. and these days Sooner is more likely to be the case.

Today’s corporatism is a form of fascism.. less obvious than Nazism ever was. and is far more detrimental to the planet’s survival.

It just a little obvious in this day and age what’s going on here.. what’s been transpiring on our planet since at least the second world war and more likely, to differing degrees, a long time before then.

You can put it down to human nature, or down the activities of a particular Type of human being — ‘enterprising’ people who wish to promote their own survival to the detriment of everything else.. the end justifies the means and all that sort of thinking).

This documentary illustrates quite well (to those who’d scoff at such ‘beliefs’ as) people planning together for their own benefit to the detriment of others in our world.
Conspiracy Factualising (put under the heading of ‘Theorising’) is a lot more common than many would think.

HOW IT WORKS: The International Space Station (2015)

I wonder if anybody in the ISS ever became so overwhelmed with claustrophobia that they had a panic attack and freak out. I’m sure there are psychological tests to evaluate if somebody has a propensity for such things before actually going up, but damn if I didn’t start feeling a little sick just watching for 30 minutes. Hopefully NASA provides ample Xanax as a contingency.

These are the videos i love to look at. Not a brushed and staged “photo-up” but raw life as it is. They all look dead tired and yet are able to hold themselves under control and put up with the circus. IMO, 99% of their training must be to maintain self-control under any and all circumstances, quick thinking and working through any problems that might arise with an alert mind.

Suni actually ran the Boston marathon from space and I think she did a triathlon when she was there last time, she rowed instead of swimming. When they named the treadmill after Colbert she got to go on the show since she’d already gotten so much press for running in space. They exercise a ton!

That’s why NASA landings were pretty private- the astronauts can’t walk after being on the space station but it’s kinda freaky to see even though you know they’re okay, just the affects of being in space. When she came back in the Soyuz though the press is all up in your face and they put you in like a la z boy chair so people don’t see you on a stretcher.

They purposely make the modules fairly small because, as I recall, the original skylab had a module so large it was possible to get ‘stuck’ in the middle and have no way to grab a side or change your rotation to get to an edge.

Each sleeping pod has independent air flow systems because CO2 will pool around your heard in zero gravity as you sleep and can asphyxiate you – so they need constant slow new air moving around them at all time. That is such a crazy thing to think of as a safety measure.

I’d love to go up and hang out in the ISS for a couple of weeks, but the thought just reminds me of the simpsons when homer goes into space. I imagine they have a ton of work to do while they’re there, and most of that work probably involves things that are way over my head. Not to mention, I picture the culture as overlapping with military culture in terms of discipline and etiquette.

Airplane vs. Zero Hour (widescreen)

I just happened to catch Airport 77 a few years ago, I had no idea most of Airplane was based on Airport 77 (the one with Karen Black, right?). It was as fun as seeing The Graduate years after I’d seen Waynes World, and then realizing where half the jokes came from. Airport is almost as funny as Airplane!, although unintentionally. I love they brought in every “Man’s Man” actor from the 70s to help out. Like “Give me anyone with a solid jawline!”

I remember there was one scene where they’re trying to talk Karen Black through flying the plane, and like 5 minutes straight go by of them just giving step by step directions, and her following/repeating them. “Turn flaps 80 degrees.” “Turning flaps 80 degrees….” It was hilarious.

Artistically, you can call something whatever you want. But legally, they are distinct things for copyright reasons. Parody is protected speech, but if something is found to be satire in court, it is not considered fair use.

The shitty and inconsistent rule of thumb is that parody mimics a work to directly make fun of that work, and satire makes fun of something unrelated. Then throw in a million exceptions.

You know I always wondered what “war” Striker was talking about. This movie came out in 1980, so I kind of assumed Vietnam but Ted was not that old. Now I see they lifted it from a WWII perspective.

Besides when people said they “fought in the war” they referred to World War 2. If someone fought in Vietnam it was always referred to as ‘Nam.

How to Build a Jumbo Jet Engine

The story of the thousands of people who design, build and test jet engines at Rolls-Royce’s manufacturing plants across the UK, and the astonishing technology behind the engines.

China is able to master 90% of Russia’s jet engine technology just by reverse engineering alone, but the last 10% is about material engineering (specifically, turbine fan blades with high tolerance, precision, and quality), and ability to output consistent quality during serial production (quality control).

It even had the core of the jet engine built as early as 2005, but building single-crystal blades on large volume manufacturing with consistent quality control is about time, patience, skilled engineers and money.

One piece of advice, having come through the apprenticeship scheme and have been working at rolls for 10 years. Be very humble when you’re in there. Grads are the lowest of the pile, even apprentices have more weight than you.

Grads have a really bad reputation, vast majority come in from university thinking they’re smarter than everyone else and generally just get knocked down a peg by everyone there.

Usually if there’s a stupid idea on the shop floor it comes from a grad. I know it’s a stereo type, but in my experience I’ve only known 2 grads over my time that were worth anything.

So that’s my advice, don’t go in there thinking you know best.

I was commenting about the voice over. Going on and on and on about how Derby’s whole economy was based around RR. What about the railways? Bombardier is a pretty major employer (although not as big) and there are a LOT of other railway engineering firms based in Derby. And they were there first.

To those who aren’t familiar with the industry, the people who you see tightening bolts and assembling the modules are not the engineers who spend years designing and working with manufacturers to create these parts. Everyone has their important role but lets not forget about the engineers who dream up and make these engines possible. I don’t feel like we saw enough of that in this clip and it’s important to note that fact.

Bill Nye makes fun of Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s

I don’t agree per se that there’s no evidence that conscience exists but he’s just proposing another angle to why we think there’s a conscience and such.

Was the ego check because he wasn’t directly asked? I don’t know the rules or manners in which to act in that stage setting but he felt genuinely enthused to share his opinion.

I understand that Bill and Neil may have a joking relationship and I appreciate Bill’s humor but I did NOT like that. It felt undermining and that act encouraged others to laugh at Neil rather then listen. I think if anyone needs an ego check there it should be Bill.

I’m disappointed in many up there and disappointed in these comments.

Very interesting, Neil is saying we might be off on what consciousness is. Personally I don’t think it really matters, the purpose of the term consciousness is to describe the unique (on Earth) characteristic of the human brain, the ability to be aware. So whether we are slightly off on exactly what the definition of consciousness, at the end of the day it is describing an extremely unique and powerful function of the human brain we as humans seem to understand but fail to perfectly explain and map out. Just my 2 cents, would be interested to hear Neil expand on this theory.

What he’s actually saying (somewhat poorly because he was put on the spot) is that our basic idea of what consciousness is might be wrong.

But not just that. He’s saying that what we think about what we think (yeah, hard to follow, I know) could be completely and totally wrong. That introspection could be completely off base. Perhaps even that consciousness might be an illusion or at least very different from what we “feel” it is as we experience it.

It’s not just that the theories we use to understand conscious could be wrong, it’s that our own experience of consciousness could be flawed, illusionary, or otherwise off base.

To change his metaphor slightly for clarity, it’s like the progression from Newtonian physics to Quantum physics. Newtonian physics is like what many people who study consciousness are trying to codify into a set theory. For hundreds of years, people went about their daily lives, understanding Newtonian physics on an instinctual level. Then Newton came along and codified it into law. Done.

All of this is to say, most of Newtonian physics is common sense. And what isn’t common sense is pretty easy to grasp once you understand the how and why. Newtonian physics is part of our everyday experience and so it instantly strikes us as true–it agrees with what we feel.

Then along comes Quantum physics and pretty much everything physicists have been working on for most of the last century. That shit goes deeper than Newtonian physics… and it is often completely counter-intuitive. It doesn’t “feel” right. It doesn’t make sense.

Yet the math works and the experiments we’ve been able to run check out.

Physics for almost the last hundred years has been a continually narrative of “Everything you think you know is wrong. Your everyday understanding of the universe is a lie.”

It’s not that Newtonian physics is right or wrong (after all, it got us to the Moon, how could it be wrong?), it’s that Newtonian physics is really a common-sense grasp of something much much deeper and much much stranger. Newtonian physics is a mask, a “good enough” approximation of the output that really doesn’t provide any insight into what is really happening. Put simply, Newtonian physics doesn’t exist, in the same way any lie or approximation doesn’t exist.

Tyson is taking what we’ve learned about the universe around us and applying it to ourselves. He’s saying what if, just maybe “Everything you THINK is wrong. Your everyday understanding of YOURSELF is a lie.”

Not just “you haven’t figured it out and codified it into a formal theory” or “you might be off about some of the details,” but actually: “You’re just completely wrong about everything.”

Maybe you (as “you” understand the concept) don’t even exist. On the surface it’s a completely absurd and ridiculous idea–hence the joke about smoking pot–the one thing we know is what we think. That’s the core of everything. It’s too fundamental to be wrong.

…it leads to immediate metaphorical objections such as “If consciousness is a lie, what is being lied to?” that seem to prove it is a silly idea.

But then again, more and more evidence is stacking in up in neuroscience that what we think of as “free will” and “making a choice” is actually an illusion. The choice often seems to be made before we’re aware we made it. And if that’s the case… it’s scary stuff.

The one lesson science has been teaching us for the past hundred years is that the real world doesn’t respect common sense or feeling. If everything around you can be a lie, maybe you can be one too.

Ultimately, maybe, just maybe, in some counter-intuitive way we haven’t yet grasped, “I think, therefore I am,” is a false statement.

That said, I doubt Tyson would go THAT far, but that’s the general direction he’s heading: maybe our own perception of our consciousness is wrong. Maybe when we think about what we’re thinking, we’re looking in a fun house mirror.

First Contact

Stumpy Brown is a Wangkujanka woman who lives at Christmas Creek in the Kimberley. Stumpy has seen many changes throughout her lifetime but nothing so dramatic, when as a teenager, she saw a white man for the first time.

It actually gets even better. Certain islanders who lived on an islands with an airstrip believed the airplanes were gods, and came to love the goods the received from the supply drops so much that years after the war ended, they constructed wooden plan replicas on the abandoned runway in hopes that it would cause the gods to return to drop more supplies.

When my grandmother was very young, living in the middle of nowhere Arkansas, her brother and her were having a fight. It was getting to be about dusk and the sun was setting when he locked her out of the house and said that “The Devils gonna come and getcha!”

Not too long after that, just up the road she saw 2 bright lights appear and then a horrible sound that sounded like the howl of the devil! It was coming closer and closer to the house making a terrible racket!

My grandmother was so scared she peed in her dress and beat on the door until it nearly came off the hinges before my great grandfather and grandmother finally came to the door to see what was going on.

Turns out it was my great grandfathers friend who had just bought himself a new automobile. He was the first one in the area to own one and he decided that was the night to come out to show my grandfather.

The howl, was the horn AAAAOOOOOGA! Might as well have been the devil so far as my grandmother was concerned.

I have family in Laos, who have distance family in the jungles of Laos. We once went to visit my dad’s aunt or something along those lines. They were so remote that during the rainy season, their roads were flooded so access to them was impossible usually.

Their village didn’t have electricity. It was surreal. Kids were butt naked. They had little money but insisted on cooking us 3-4 eggs. The eggs were chicken eggs but had as much meat to them as quail eggs.

They were amazed at my light skin. Mind you, I’m Asian. Not even a light skin one like a Japanese or Korean, but more along the lines of “Trump tan”. They kept touching it and asking me how I’m so light skinned. I told them the sun barely exists in Minnesota’s harsh winter.

Even though I’m ethnically Lao, I would say I’m the first “westerner” they’ve ever met. They were perplexed. Some of the kids were scared of me because of how light skinned I was compared to them.

This video brought me back to that encounter for some reason.

This will probably get buried, but I believe (but can’t know for sure), judging from the time period, that the priest she came across in Balgo would have been my great uncle. He died a few years ago now, but said this was very regular, largely uncontacted Aborigines coming out of the desert. Some stayed, some didn’t. I visited Balgo and another community, Beagle Bay, where he spent a lot of his time and it made me very happy to see the extremely high regard that the local peoples seemed to hold him in.

Reinhard Gehlen – The CIA & The Nazis

Scientists are scientists. Often times they have not political affiliation and they just want to do science things. After the fall of Nazi Germany, many of these scientists didn’t want to be killed or face war crimes because, to an extent, they weren’t really that guilty, their biggest problem was that they had no real ethics. They were just a very qualified cog in a large machine. So in the middle of the fall there were 3 options. Option 1.) face war crimes. Option 2.) strike a deal with the US. Option 3.) Strike a deal with the USSR. Or just go missing (hiding in Brazil) like Mengele.

It’s kind of funny to think that the space race was between the Soviets and the US because a large portion of the scientists behind both projects were former Nazi scientists. Fun fact, when the Allies were working on an atom bomb, the Nazi’s were working on stealth fighters and missiles. Understandably both the US and Soviets saw the importance of having these scientists and when the axis fell it was a free for all. I believe it was called Operation Paperclip in the US and Operation Forced Labor of Germans in the Soviet Union.

The US and Soviets were sweeping up high profile scientists and trying to incorporate them into their programs. To put that into perspective von Braun was a nazi scientist who helped found NASA.

The Scientist are one topic, Gehlen is another. Gehlen lead an intelligence unit collecting information about Soviet troops and infrastructure. When the war was coming to an end, he and his colleagues took their files and hid them in the mountains. He then turned himself in to the US troops and offered them a deal.

US intelligence wanted to keep his anti-soviet expertise and after being thoroughly debriefed he set up with his old team the “Organisation Gehlen”, which became the BND, German Foreign Intelligence. He headed up the BND for a long time and recruited people with shady (deep brown) histories.

Why is it relevant? Well, it’s not NEWS. But it is relevant as a reminder that De-Nazification, while on the surface very effective, was a lot less thorough when it came to the compromise of keeping Nazis in positions of (relative) power or handing an advantage to the Russians. In ties in to the overall theme that Intelligence services, when not closely supervised by men of strong democratic convictions, will make very questionable decisions for the “greater good” and not be accountable in their lifetime. See Gladio/P2, Gehlen, Middle and South America and Echelon/Prism.

The Pentagon Spends More Than $59

It’s still not the whole picture though. Instead of focusing on one statistic he’s focusing on the other. Spending as a percentage of GDP is good for what he articulated above, essentially budget priorities compared to other programs and other nations. But it doesn’t address the question of “how much is needed.” Is 3% too high or too low for the US? Would 10% be too high or too low for South Korea? Those question can’t be answered based on looking at only the percentages. You have to look at total spending of each country and their adversaries.

If the US can spend over a trillion dollars on the military and it only consume 3% of GDP that just means our economy is great compared to other countries, but that doesn’t mean the spending is not excessive. Since we are in fact spending more than the next several nations combined that is significant evidence that yes we are spending excessively. We can cut our military budget in half and still be the top military spender.

Using his same example, if we spend a $1 billion on chewing gum, its still probably excessive even if it is only .001% of the GDP. Because looking at the percentage of the GDP is not what you use to determine how much benefit you get from that spending.

Now then Dimitri. You know how we’ve always talked about the possibility of something going wrong with the bomb. The bomb, Dimitri. The hydrogen bomb. Well now what happened is, one of our base commanders, he had a sort of, well he went a little funny in the head. You know. Just a little… funny. And uh, he went and did a silly thing. Well, I’ll tell you what he did, he ordered his planes… to attack your country. Well let me finish, Dimitri. Let me finish, Dimitri. Well, listen, how do you think I feel about it? Can you imagine how I feel about it, Dimitri? Why do you think I’m calling you? Just to say hello? Of course I like to speak to you. Of course I like to say hello. Not now, but any time, Dimitri. I’m just calling up to tell you something terrible has happened. It’s a friendly call. Of course it’s a friendly call. Listen, if it wasn’t friendly, … you probably wouldn’t have even got it.

The Air Force leadership in particular makes really bad decisions from a military-wide systematic level due to their need for feeling like awesome fighter jocks. For example, their drive to get rid of the A-10 (which is very efficient for the types of wars we fight with air supremacy and relatively weak but dedicated opponents dug in on the ground) in favor of the F-35 (the biggest boondoggle in military acquisition history).

However, I think some waste in inevitable at that scale. While we should have better processes for cleaning it up, the US military is the critical asset to world peace. The reason we spend so much money is because we are the world’s hegemon, just like the British were during the 19th century. By having the “big dog that no one wants to mess with”, it keeps the ambitions of other nation-states in check. Historically, when the Great Powers are more on equal footing, there is much more military competition and the world is generally less safe. Right now, the competitors to the United States only have regional ambitions because that is the only venue in which they have a chance to compete (e.g. China can compete with the US Navy in the Taiwan straight or South China Sea, but definitely NOT in the south Atlantic.

Rin Speaks In English! (Free! Eternal Summer)

if you like it you should check out the show, kiniro mosaic, season 2 is currently airing, the first couple episodes are pretty heavy on the engrish but it calms down after that,

if you are interested make sure you at least watch till episode 3 when the last of the main girls joins, karen who is half english half japanese, if it seems too cute and focuses on blonde hair too much you can skip to season 2 “hello kiniro mosaic” which i am liking much more.

even though it isnt common the english in season 2 is also improved

Naw, as someone from the U.S. I can tell, but I’ve met a lot of Australians online so maybe I have a better handle on the accent than most. I think they probably didn’t do that many takes with these VAs. Especially if they were recording in a Japanese studio, the Japanese sound director probably thought the first take or two was fine even though to us they come across a little stilted and the accent isn’t perfect. Hard to know if the VAs are good or bad in those situations because not every VA gets it right on the first try.

I liken it to someone speaking German in a WWII film like Saving Private Ryan. I have no way of knowing if they’re speaking with the right accent or if their delivery is good even though I know a little German. I can only really go off of body language and tone of voice, which isn’t a whole lot when we’re talking about whether or not something feels stilted. I’m sure the Japanese are pretty much the same way with English speakers.

Now you know what it’s like for American companies like Funimation. they are pretty strict about lip syncing mouth flaps, and for this very reason. It’s really noticeable in your native language to see when something is off sync, so they have to go with the best translation they can of lines that also match mouth flaps.

It’s like, which would you want, strict translations that don’t sync up with the video, or more loose and natural sounding translations that match flaps. Either way, people will complain.