Carts of Darkness

picking with the extreme sport of racing shopping carts down the steep hills of North Vancouver. This subculture depicts street life as much more than the stereotypes portrayed in mainstream media. The film takes a deep look into the lives of the men who race carts, the adversity they face and the appeal of cart racing despite the risk. Shot in high-definition and featuring tracks from Black Mountain, Ladyhawk, Vetiver, Bison, and Alan Boyd of Little Sparta.

This guy is still around, and hang out at the bottle depot by park and tillford. I drive by and see him all the time. I live in north van, the bottle collectors were always so respectfull of your recycling bins and your space. Unfortunately now, I catch people driving around how big through recycling bins. In decent vehicles I might add. Wouldn’t mind seeing the carts back.

This isn’t going to be much help beyond letting you know that if you look hard enough you’ll find it, but… A 30 minute doco about an attractive 20-something couple that were brought up middle-class and are now living in the forest outside Seattle(?) was posted here about 3 months ago.

I distinctly remember a scene where the couple had just scored and were getting ready to take a hit at their campsite. He told her not to use the bottle of filthy water (as in it had floaties in it) to mix her hit. She told him to fuck off and went ahead and did it.

There’s a moment at the end where the director asks what they want for the future, but he has to stop them and explain that he wants to know what they want, not what they think the director wants to hear.

Really sorry I don’t remember more details, but it very much sounds like what you’re looking for.

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