Big Show at No Way Out 2005

This was the pinnacle of what a great heel should be. I firmly believe JBL was the best and most traditional heel during the Ruthless Aggression era. He was always so much less impressive both physically, aesthetically and booking wise than the face but would always find some technicality to exploit and would rarely win cleanly. He may come off as moronic on commentary but I believe JBL has one of the greatest minds in wrestling and one of the smallest egos when it comes to the business side of things at least.

I agree wholeheartedly and I’ve seen quite fair share of wrestling mind you. Started around the time Austin won King of the Ring and been watching ever since (save for a break) and no one has really been a better heel than JBL. I mean as a testament I fucking loved APA and thought his Blackjack phase was pretty badass but he managed to get under my skin so much as JBL. Never have I ever been happier to see someone lose their title than with JBL. Will definitely give this a read.

Edit: Wow fantastic read and really hits the nail on the head when it comes to being an effective heel. JBL definitely has one of the best grasps of the business and really comes off as a wrestling nerd (in a good way). I wonder if he actually does anything behind the scenes and if not he should be like A.S.A.P, this man knows how to make money (in more ways than one come to think of it).

Revisionist history will cast this as a time in the WWE where JBL was killing it as the top heel but truthfully having sat through it all I can tell you that the over whelming crowd and fan base was bored out of their minds. What JBL describes is not a great way to make the crowd hate the heel character, it’s a great way to make them hate you as a wrestler. People genuinely hated JBL at this period and maybe the arugment can be made that this is the same thing a heel heat, but I don’t buy it. People were bored of him, he was boring, his promo’s were boring, his schtick was boring, his style boring, etc.

I look at a guy like JBL who believed that this was the best way to get over as a heel and then compare him to a guy like Kevin Owens and realize, what JBL was doing was lazy, it wasn’t quality heel work at all. He painted with the same broad brush in every city he wrestled in. Owens gives the people entertaining wrestling but he listens to the crowd, the type of “not giving the people what they want” that he works with is an effective style woven from actually listening to the crowd and playing it up.

You chant for Sami Zayn? I go out of my way to mock his injury in a match.

You want a high spot? I go through the effort to build that spot, tease it, and then take it away from you.

You decide you’re going to be edgy and join my corner as a fan? I make you seem like an idiot and blast you.

JBL’s heel work was again broad strokes. He’d basically tell you “You’re not getting a toy from me.”

Kevin Owens packs the crowd in his car, hypes them up the car ride, brings them into Toys R Us, breaks down why the toy is amazing, offers to buy it for you, takes it outside and breaks it in front of you. It’s actual genius heel work because it not only makes it impossible for anyone to cheer for him but does the next level heel thing of making it so much easier for the face to win the crowd over. All Balor has to do after Owens has teased and taken away is actually deliver and the fans love him.

Brad Presenting Quentin Tarantino

He drives a yellow 2009 or so Mustang, covered in fake bumper stickers from his movies all over the back. Had a couple really cool Jungle Julie In The Morning ones, and a big one that says “Lee Marvin For President.” Besides Jay Leno, he has the craziest head and face of anyone I’ve ever seen. His head doesn’t look real, it looks like he has a Halloween mask on, he’s fucking crazy looking.

I had to go five or 6 nights in a row, it’s a long story why I had to be there, basically my boss was working on it pulling focus and I had to bring him paperwork shit for his business that I work for cause they were up in Simi Valley and there was no internet or wifi whatsoever. It was Jan and the coldest weather I’ve ever been in in LA, it was like 38 degrees or something. It was all muddy and miserable. It was all the stuff with the riders coming down the hill and blowing up the doctor’s wagon. Don Johnson got his foot caught in the stirrup getting off the horse the first night & twisted his ankle really bad, I think he went to the hospital. They had to shoot around him. It’s not great, but this is the only pic I was able to squeeze off from the back of the camera truck. They collected everyones cell phones at the entrance to the set, but I smuggled mine.

Im glad I got the chance to. In general my job is boring as hell but I get to do some really cool shit sometimes. My boss actually had one of 8 copies of the script originally, with a hand-inscribed cover by QT. The original draft was four hundred pages.

I actually went and read it, because I thought it would be interesting to know the whole story, see what made it and what didn’t, so who got cast as who, etc. It took me almost 3 hours. If you’ve never read a Tarantino script, they are the most fun scripts ever written because he writes for himself and throws a lot of rules and formats out the window, and it’s great. Like a scene description would be “This cool cat’s had it with Bob’s shenanigans, so he peels Sam Colt and blows the motherfucker off the stool,” ha ha. I was laughing my ass off reading it.

Carts of Darkness

picking with the extreme sport of racing shopping carts down the steep hills of North Vancouver. This subculture depicts street life as much more than the stereotypes portrayed in mainstream media. The film takes a deep look into the lives of the men who race carts, the adversity they face and the appeal of cart racing despite the risk. Shot in high-definition and featuring tracks from Black Mountain, Ladyhawk, Vetiver, Bison, and Alan Boyd of Little Sparta.

This guy is still around, and hang out at the bottle depot by park and tillford. I drive by and see him all the time. I live in north van, the bottle collectors were always so respectfull of your recycling bins and your space. Unfortunately now, I catch people driving around how big through recycling bins. In decent vehicles I might add. Wouldn’t mind seeing the carts back.

This isn’t going to be much help beyond letting you know that if you look hard enough you’ll find it, but… A 30 minute doco about an attractive 20-something couple that were brought up middle-class and are now living in the forest outside Seattle(?) was posted here about 3 months ago.

I distinctly remember a scene where the couple had just scored and were getting ready to take a hit at their campsite. He told her not to use the bottle of filthy water (as in it had floaties in it) to mix her hit. She told him to fuck off and went ahead and did it.

There’s a moment at the end where the director asks what they want for the future, but he has to stop them and explain that he wants to know what they want, not what they think the director wants to hear.

Really sorry I don’t remember more details, but it very much sounds like what you’re looking for.

Social Anxiety Documentary- Afraid of People

I just wanna say I’m very aware that there are people in the world who have things much, much worse than me. I am aware that this is kind of a “first-world” problem unlike starvation, disease, prison, and being shot to death.

On the other hand this has fucked up my life for well over 20 years and continues to fuck it up to this day. I am almost 50.

I remember in about 1993 when I was going to college, one day I left class and needed to cross an outdoor courtyard between the buildings. It was full of people. I remember I looked at it and I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t walk through a crowd. I just knew they were looking at me, judging me, waiting to laugh.

So the inestimably reasonable solution my brain came up with was to go behind one of the buildings and climb over the chain-link fence with barbed-wire on top of it. As I came over the top I tore a hole in my shorts, which made things 10X worse. Any thoughts of making it to the rest of my classes were totally gone. I just went home for the day.

It was a big factor in me not succeeding in college. I made the dean’s list, had a 3.5 g.p.a.. I flunked out because I couldn’t handle going to class, the crowds, the people. I feel like the nerd in The Breakfast Club, where he couldn’t make the lamp work when you pulled on the elephants trunk. The other guy is baffled. “How can you not do that? It’s so simple.”

To this day I’m afraid to go to the grocery store. I put it off, or buy fast food instead not because I’m lazy but because I’m afraid to deal with people. I’m afraid for them to see me, to be looked at, in any capacity.

I do not sleep the day before job interviews, doctors appointments, anything important. I can’t. My last job I would panic on the way to work every day. I’ve had several jobs that involve sales. Every call, every appointment was like a confrontation with Freddy Kreuger in my mind. I’m afraid to speak to people, anyone I don’t know.

20 years ago I didn’t know what it was called, wouldn’t have believed it if I did and neither would anyone else. If they did believe it you would just be made fun of for being so weak.

So yeah, it’s a thing. It’s like someone with schizophrenia in some ways. Some schizophrenics know their hallucinations or delusions aren’t real, but that doesn’t make you not hear them, or not see them, or not think those thoughts.

I know it’s ridiculous. I know these are the simplest things that a child can do. I’m a grown man and can’t handle going to a store, or a conversation. That doesn’t make it any better. It only makes it worse because it makes me more aware of what a failure I am. Knowing that none of it is real does not make the fear go away, because I can assure you that that, of all things, is very real indeed.

Even if you can make it part of the way up in the world, social anxiety can still stop you.

I worked hard at a job and was technically next in line for a promotion. It would have been enough to help with my wife’s future medical treatment. I was so sure I’d get it.

Then I don’t get and I get told its only because I’m not “interactive enough.” Or basically I’m not super social and friendly, so all my hard work meant nothing. I’m actively trying to push myself to be social, but I’m having so many mini heart attacks a day forcing it that its driving me nuts.

We definitely need more awareness on SAD.

And I know your feeling about going to the grocery store. I went for the first time in my life by myself to get a present for my wife’s b-day as a surprise. Mixed with a migraine, I almost blacked out in an aisle. But I don’t tell people because no one would believe me.

Bigorexia – Never Buff Enough

Thousands of men are living with an extreme body image disorder known as bigorexia. Experts estimate one-in-ten men training in gyms in the UK may have the condition. It’s been compared to anorexia in reverse – where men become obsessed with putting on muscle. It can lead to depression, steroid abuse and in extreme cases, death.

Newsbeat meets men living with the condition and those who have had their lives turned upside down because of it.

Frank Zane looked like a very muscular human. The others look more like animals as far as I’m concerned. It’s all due to the abuse of insulin and HGH/IGF-1 we have seen in the last decade. HGH can literally make your organs grow, resulting in the huge stomachs of modern pros. Rich Piana actually said his HGH use led to his belly button tearing because his intestines grew so much (he did 10 years of 20iu/ed.)

The difference came in the ’90s when they started using human growth hormone and insulin. This is also why so many of them have died or have symptoms of palumboism.

Edit: Actually the guy in the video is pretty clueless about what causes it. Lee Priest and other pros have come out and said that the insulin users they know have these symptoms. The only real debate is whether it’s insulin alone or insulin + HGH combo that causes it.

It’s interesting to hear that bullying influenced at least one of the participants in that documentary. I’d be curious to know how many “big” guys at the gym were actually a lot smaller growing up. I was beat up/bullied in middle school a lot (like a lot of people), but it wasn’t until I got knocked out a couple of times in my late teens/early 20’s that I started weightlifting.

As a side note, if a friend ever introduces you to someone by saying, “hey UnbearableBear, this is my coke guy”, and your friend never actually says their name….that dude is shady and probably going to hit you. Or if you meet someone who has a tattoo of them peeing on a police officer, maybe don’t bring your snarky witticisms to the conversation cause look out he’s punching you.

I never learned how to fight or defend myself, but I understood that evolution not only favors the poisonous snake, but also the pussysnake that LOOKS like the poisonous snake. I’m the pussysnake. Of course over time there have been side-benefits (getting rid of acne, eating healthier, being less invisible to people you find pretty), but my main goal of avoiding my natural predators (drunk white males) has definitely been achieved. I’m also almost 30, so if I was getting concussions from strangers on the reg and I’m not a professional football player I’m definitely doing something wrong.

I know I think a little too much about exercise and feel guiltier than I should when I miss a session, but there are worse problems to have in this world I guess. Like having weak traps.

Nazeebo Gank Turn-Around

you’re assuming the enemy doesnt have any ranged atks or abilities that allow them to catch up to you. If you have a ways to go until safety, that combo would just pull them in, let them hit you while you shield, then give them time to catch up to you while your shield expires and is on cd.

Your best bet would be to run when you realize you can no longer fight. Save your trait for when the enemy catches up to you and starts to atk. You wanna save the trait for when you really need.

Jaina was my first hero and my first love in HotS, so she was my first purchase in the game, and so far my only 10k purchase. Picked up a bunch of cheap heroes for the rest of my gold to get into hero league, but after that I wanted to spend my gold on heroes I really enjoy. Played Nazeebo during his last free week and fell in love, but refrained from buying him due to the high price. Really looking forward to play with him again now that he’s even better!

Yeah I’m rank 28 which of course isn’t like…good…but I feel like at that point after 40 levels and a handful of ranked games you’d understand…but nope, people still blocking their entire team.

Like when a zera opens up a 5 man gank with his ult on top of the entire enemy team so we just have to stand there and stare at them while they are able to assess the situation that would have been chaos if it were a surprise.

Jaina was my first hero and my first love in HotS, so she was my first purchase in the game, and so far my only 10k purchase. Picked up a bunch of cheap heroes for the rest of my gold to get into hero league, but after that I wanted to spend my gold on heroes I really enjoy. Played Nazeebo during his last free week and fell in love, but refrained from buying him due to the high price. Really looking forward to play with him again now that he’s even better!

Sanders on The Rachel Maddow Show

Sanders is one of the few senators who doesn’t have much in the form of corporate backing. He is reelected year after year because his people know him and like him, not because he outspends his opponents.

Now he does caucus and vote with the Democrats, who do by and large serve the same masters. But he has more potential than anyone else, aside from maybe Rand, to actually deliver on tackling the NSA, the drone program, 4th amendment abuses, attacks on whistle blowers, and reigning in our interventionalist foreign policies. Clinton and Bush, and pretty much everyone else will follow the same path every president has followed since JFK was assassinated.

one can realistically seek the nomination of one of the two right-wing political parties in this country without being completely willing to serve the interests of the state. For all his so-called independence, Sanders virtually always votes with the Democrats, no matter how reactionary the policy. He voted for the Authorization for the Use of Military Force after the September 11th attacks, the legal basis for the disastrous “war on terror.” He regularly votes for military appropriations for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and he is a fervent supporter of the state of Israel.

Sanders’ role in the upcoming election (like that of Kucinich and Al Sharpton before him) will be to provide a pseudo-left cover for the increasingly right-wing policies of the Democratic party. He is being used to propagate the myth that the Democrats are the party of “working people,” rather than a party organization every bit as committed to serving the financial elite as the Republicans.

We need to move away from our systematic and artificially over-valued and under-valued labor markets.

There are those who believe that labor is only valuable if it results in some product that can be sold. Which is why service and education always get the shaft. But if my product is dependent on a educated workforce, or efficient transportation, then the bus driver and local school teacher are every bit as important to a businesses’ success, and should have paychecks which reflect this.

Who wants to be a Millionaire

That pissed me off a bit. This documentary spends a lot of time setting this guy up as some creepy weirdo evil guy who somehow cheated away the network’s money, up until the very last part.

I mean sure, the guy was weird, but the only thing he did was actually learn the game. It’s no more cheating than knowing winning and losing patterns in a chess game and choosing the right next move.

He did embellish his background to get into the show but that’s about it and I am sure he’s not the first to do that.

The problem isn’t the contestant, but your buddy with the remote in the audience. I’m sure they have some precautions against fraud, like no cell reception and a strict policy on electronic devices.

The really interesting question is: why wouldn’t the smart person go on the hot seat instead and just win the million genuinely? It’s not a real advantage to have an idiot bloke sitting there and get the right answers by coughing or other means to him, if you actually know the answers.

I’m 53 minutes into the doc. This guy was a terrible bluffer. He’d fixate on an answer for a few minutes, but when he heard a cough signalling another one, he would very quickly say he was sure it was that one. Even his reasoning for his guesses before he was tipped off to the answer were awful.

IIRC he had a friend in the audience who would cough when he would verbally say the correct answer, so he would go through the choices and when he got to the correct letter he would listen for a cough and then choose it. They made it extremely far until they got too greedy and kept going after they had planned to stop, they got caught shortly after making it near the million.

Also his friend did not know an answer to one of the questions so the friend asked someone next to him for the answer. The contestant was awkwardly stalling for time and going back and forth randomly on the questions. he did the same thing for many of the questions i think then ‘magically’ got the right answer each time.

Was not too clear but i hope this helps

Chris Benoit’s Last WWE Appearance – ECW

I was disappointed by WWECW because WWE had always hyped ECW as this crazy hardcore promotion with amazing talent and when they said it as coming back I got excited as I was too young to experience it in it’s heyday. Then when they showed it, it was just regular wrestling and I could tell it was completely different.

I was 11 at the time. Back in the good old runescape days I found out message boards were a thing. I didn’t actually buy the PPV. I only really had my parents budget for like one every few months. Mania was the last one I watched live. ANYWAY I remember like it was summertime. Spent all day playing out outside. Ate dinner and was super ready for RAW. The opening graphic played and then the graphic of Benoit was shown. He was my favorite wrestler. Like his world title run was the best thing to me when I was a kid. I just remember watching the show in silence. Certain parts made me cry a lot but other than that it was shock. I watched ECW when Vince said they would not mention him again that night and to heal and then I watched Smackdown where everything seemed back to normal.

When I woke up Tuesday morning my mom told me that he did it all. I mean I went to bed thinking they were all murdered. All day Tuesday I watched the news. Just sat on my couch from 11 am to 9 pm watching the news station because I couldn’t believe it. I mean I guess when you’re a child and your so called Hero kills 2 people and himself, those 2 people being his own wife and son, your view on anything may be different. That’s basically how I found out that it wasn’t real and I just didn’t want to watch anymore

People stupidly joke about the word “surreal” around here nowadays, but this is truly a surreal moment in hindsight. Knowing that we would’ve had a match of this caliber will always make me wonder “what if?”

Knowing that it would’ve been Benoit’s return to the world title scene makes me think it would’ve introduced a new really great time in wrestling again. I’m sure a couple weeks or a couple months later, Benoit would’ve eventually put over Punk and launched his WWE career into the stratosphere, possibly more powerfully than it did feuding against Nitro.

But hey, who knows.

Godless in America. The COMPLETE Short Film of Madalyn Murray O’Hair

The extraordinary life story of Madalyn Murray O’Hair. The complete uninterrupted short film “Godless in America”.
There are many accounts of Madalyn’s life, with most having a Christian twist or edge of nastiness. This film is free from such bias, at least in the telling of the story.

It’s sad to me the way her son William has became a born again Christian and still speaks terribly about his now murdered mother. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised or saddened these days, just another example of Christian love.

Madalyn Murray O’Hair was a gutsy woman who was not afraid to speak her mind, and she got shit done. The world is in desperate need of another or others like Madalyn Murray O’Hair.

Belief disconfirmation paradigm: Dissonance is felt when people are confronted with information that is inconsistent with their beliefs. If the dissonance is not reduced by changing one’s belief, the dissonance can result in restoring consonance through misperception, rejection or refutation of the information, seeking support from others who share the beliefs, and attempting to persuade others.

you do have to believe in something. believing in nothing is not quite the same as not believing in anything, insofar as ‘nothing’ is something that can be believed in. if someone didn’t believe in anything, they wouldn’t take a case to the supreme court about mandatory prayer in schools, because they wouldn’t believe in the existence of the rule of law. if someone didn’t believe in the value of money, they wouldn’t go to work. & so on. believing in “nothing” & believing in “god” are one & the same — one simply being a negative expression & the other an affirmative expression of the same thing.

According the autobiograhphy, when Bill stuck up for his grandfather during an argument, his mother lunged at him and bit a chunk of flesh out of his arm. Regrettably, child services weren’t as quick to react then as they would be today.

Say what you will about Dawkins (or any other number of controversial atheist speakers), at least he’s never been guilty of child abuse.

For twenty years I could not talk to my brother. He would hang up the phone on me or tear up my letters and send them back. The same was true of my daughter. They both called me “TRAITOR” because I had accepted Christ and changed my life. By “traitor” they meant that I no longer followed the absolute direction of my mother as they did … My mother was an evil person … Not for removing prayer from America’s schools … No … She was just evil. She stole huge amounts of money. She misused the trust of people. She cheated children out of their parents’ inheritance. She cheated on her taxes and even stole from her own organization. She once printed up phony stock certificates on her own printing press to try to take over another atheist publishing company. I could go on but I won’t. All the money my mother made in this manner stayed behind. It did not go with her. For we brought nothing into this world and it is certain we can carry nothing out.

-William Murray O’Hair