What Really is Magnetism? : Documentary on the Science of Magnetism

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I’m currently working on my PhD with a focus on electromagnetism. I know Maxwell’s equations by rote; I can derive the wave equations, vector potentials, equations governing resonant cavities and the interaction of electromagnetic waves with materials. But ask me what an electric or magnetic field actually is and I will tell you: I have no fucking clue. The physics answer is that fields arise due to the exchange of virtual photons, because the math behind that works. But what does that even mean? What is a virtual photon? And how does it actually produce a force that will attract or repel two parallel wires with current passing through them?

you could call the “little kicks” “differential changes”, and now you’re talking about an integral. If you wanted to talk about all of the loops individually, you’d write a system of differential equations. If you wanted to solve such a system, you could treat it like a control system with negative feedback. If you’re doing that, you’d almost HAVE to move into the laplace domain… which is literally complex in the sense of complex numbers.

Or you could use the simpler models in your average undergraduate physics textbook, and leave the systems of differential equations to computers that can do numeric approximations.

Worst Hanzo Ever

The dunkmaster kept getting countered by a winston and reaper so he went hog but would switch to widow at the beginning of each round and get fucked and after we got 2-2 i just asked him nicely to switch because we could win.

chris and i also were saying dunky references at the beginning of the game and we didnt even know it was dunkey

I think you missed the point of the video. If the point of the video was “I am a God at this game” yes, editing the clips together would be dumb. But the point of the video is that people are trying to enforce a meta with exact picks for one single comp over and over, and he gets triple/quad kills and victory screens with the pick they told him not to pick. In other words, stop telling people what to play.

Suggest what you think they should play once, then make the most of what you have. The majority of ‘suggestions’ I hear though are “pick reinheardt so I can have a shield to have more fun, I can’t be bothered to tank.”

I was in a game on Hollywood with a guy who autolocked Symmetra on both attack and defense. One of our teammates (a Rein, I think) immediately started going off on him, but another teammate stepped in as the round was about to start with a “Remember, start all your games by telling your teammates they’re shit!” I made a silly comment after that and we were underway.

At some point Reinhardt went back to yelling at Symm, but we somehow ended up winning that game. I don’t know if the Symmetra did jack shit (to be honest, I don’t think so) but after that I’ve become less judgmental of people’s picks. We won, and it was entertaining to say the least. Is just game, you know?

I won’t get mad at specific picks, but I will say things like “I would like another healer” or “I would love a Reinhardt in this team.” Not asking any specific player, not harping on the person who picked Widow or Hanzo, just trying to get a better overall team.

If I want someone to switch, I only ever phrase it in the form of “hey we need someone to switch to X to counter X” never in the form of “you’re a garbage Hanzo and you need to switch.”

This is honestly why I haven’t played the game in over 3 weeks. The constant “I know everything don’t play that character” attitude is really getting out of hand. I get that in ranked team comp is really important but there are instances where someone is just a freak of nature with a certain character.

If the team is doing really bad after a period of time then yeah throw out some suggestions but at the start of the match just see how things pan out.

Ba… Bakaaa

The show is about a guy who uses his dating simulator game knowledge to get girls in real life to fall in love with him. Since the girl in the video is the shy, never talks, library girl he can’t progress or get a read on what she truly thinks so he says a few things to edge her on and make her speak her mind. She’s never really spoken out to someone like that so she turned into a nervous wreck and stuttered.

he works with a demon from New Hell (Good hell pretty much). She has an evil spirit inside of her, filling an empty space in her heart. The easiest way for him to fill that space and chase the demon out is through having her fall in love with him. This causes the evil spirit to leave and can be safely be brought back to New Hell.

The show is really upbeat and sweet, and I highly recommend it. Both the manga and anime adaptation are great. It’s on Crunchyroll if you wanted to watch it.

Trust me when I say this, but Hanazawa is a goddess when it comes to fabulous voice acting. Outside of moe, she did the following roles fucking exceptionally, ranging from enticing, to mysterious, to downright lusty: Aika from Zetsuen no tempest, Rize from Tokyo ghoul, Yukino from Garden of Words, Akane from Psycho-pass..

Amusingly, it varies by the region, as some have said. In Tokyo, if you call someone “baka” they’ll generally see it as a joke and laugh it off. However if you use “aho” people will feel genuinely insulted. Meanwhile, if you use “aho” in Osaka it’s interpreted jokingly but “baka” is viewed as an insult.

Diamonds are WORTHLESS

Diamonds are much, much more common than you think and, in fact, are relatively WORTHLESS!
Another British Royals CONfidence GAME!

Corporate advertising, marketing and promotional campaigns along with the help of British royalty and Hollywood propaganda artists have created a perceived need for diamonds in the mind of the public. The true value of diamonds is very nominal since the stones are quite plentiful and have very limited uses. Yet prices for the carbon stones have been driven up by the cartels that hoard diamonds in order to constrict the supply, thereby creating an artificial scarcity and driving prices exhorbitantly high. As you will see, the diamond dealers can hardly contain their laughter…

Diamond is only valuable because people think its valuable. if all of us stop falling for the scam, diamonds would lose a TON of its value. there is nothing inherently special or unique about diamonds that makes it worth its price (its not even rare) i could get myself a ring that used glass instead of diamond and you wouldnt even be able to tell the difference unless you used a microscope . if i ever get married i will never ask for a diamond ring. id ask for a moisanatte ring which happens to be shinnier and cheaper and way more worth it. that or maybe i will ask for games instead.

Diamond are also the strongest stone in the world. Although it doesn’t make up for them being mined and cut using slave labor and then chased after fanatically by consumers. There is a pretty sweet pun about love being as strong as a diamond.

The rich seem to spend most of their money on things that are a complete waste of money. That’s all well and good but what galls me is that most of us are having to flog ourselves to death or get into serious debt in order to create wealth for these bastards so that they can go throw it all down the drain on pointless dross like this.