USA Made A Video Divide And Conquer

In fascist America, we will still hold tight to our Bill of Rights, but the way those rights will be exercised will be altered to our detriment. The government will suggest we're free because we're allowed to own guns and exercise our freedom. All the while, a nefarious Supreme Court will reinterpret the rights that actually matter, and enable the government to do things that were beyond the pale before. Guns mean freedom, and guns are freely available, therefore you are free. This is despite the fact that a militia is nothing compared to the US military, but militia members celebrating their freedom won't care about that. All the while, the freedoms we have that can actually impinge upon a government's power like the 14th amendment. If you asked someone on the street what they thought about the importance of the 14th amendment was, they might not know. So you can damage the 14th amendment, spin it in the news, and only the disgraced experts that no one listens to anymore will care. And yet we will still have our Bill of Rights. We won't wake up tomorrow in fascist America, but if it does happen, it will be by means of our institutions and our values, not opposed to them.

Our institutions are being tested like no other time in our history. I guess we'll see how strong they really are. Sometimes I'm hopeful; sometimes I'm not.

I sound like a total downer here. We've got a fighting chance - I agree with you there. But I've never been so pessimistic. I think part of that is seeing racists and trolls all over Reddit, where I admit I spend too much of my time.

It's not an equivalent also because it's a strawman caricature. There are so few people like that, they're statistically zero. The internet does a great job of magnifying persecution complexes. Gamergate found like a handful of people with somewhat radical views. Under the banner of being worried about ethics in gaming journalism, it only really succeeded in creating this cartoon villain "Other" SJW that now serves as a pejorative to belittle people or identify them as an irrational enemy. The same thing is happening with the nebulous word "Globalist."