Saddleback Church -Defines Marriage

The issue is this: Did Obama mean what he said in 08 or was he merely pandering to the general base? My money is on the latter. It flies in the face of everything he purports to be about since his weed smoking days in Hawaii so why should we believe he actually thought that in 2008 marriage was between a man and a woman. Even his gay-proponent sycophants at the time thought he was placating with this position. On this one I have to concede that his lying impulses were front and center, but because they justified the means he’s given yet another pass with his liberal base.

I honestly can’t pinpoint a certain time. I just remember, as someone being from Connecticut, being ashamed that my state was the second to legalize gay marriage.

I think it changed when I realized that I was wrong to look down on someone just because they love someone of the same gender. We’re all people, but some are just odd like that…

He was actually supportive of same-sex marriage in 1996 but had to play the religious angle to avoid people thinking he’s a Muslim radical that wants to burn all the bibles.

In addition, let’s say he was really against it before becoming president, shouldn’t we applaud him for keeping an open-mind and evolving his viewpoint? After Obama came out in favor of it, Romney said that he would never change his mind about being against same-sex marriage. Is that kind of closed-mindedness the wrong way for a politician to think?

Regardless of whether or not most conservatives agree with it, I think it’ll be advantageous for the Republican Party. Now that this is done and out of the way, hopefully the debates will be focused more on real political issues and less on social issues and pandering.

Just like Hillary saying marriage is between a man and a woman which is a “fundmental bedrock going back in to the mists of history” or something along hose lines just a few years ago.

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