The Wind Rises is first to make 10 billion yen since 2008

Fans the world over were left a bit deflated the other week after the legend himself, Hayao Miyazaki, announced he was to retire from filmmaking and indeed the world of Studio Ghibli. The 72-year-old followed up the news with a press conference where he explained his decisions and answered some questions for an eager group of journalists.

Fan reception

And it would seem that his retirement hasn’t dampened the spirits of Ghibli’s fan base because his last ever film, ‘The Wind Rises’ — a film already out in cinemas in Japan — has seen last weekend’s box office receipts increase by a massive 34.5% on the previous. The news has clearly moved his audience but also seems to have enticed new viewers along to witness the talented Miyazaki at work on the big screen for one last time.

Essential viewing

Granted, even as a Ghibli fan, I’ve not seen many of his films projected at my local PictureHouse cinema, but I fully intend to pop down there once ‘The Wind Rises’ is released here in the UK. It’s been the recipient of some wonderful, positive reviews and is one for anime fans to check out. At present there is no word on a release date here yet and isn’t included in the programme for this year’s strong lineup for London Film Festival.

Record profits

Miyazaki’s final film has, so far, topped the 10 billion yen mark, which is the first Japanese film in its native country to do so since 2008’s ‘Ponyo’ — a film also directed and written by the maestro himself. The only other film to have passed this milestone in that time is Pixar’s ‘Toy Story 3’.

There’s clearly a lot more buzz around this film because of its significance as the end of an era for the man who’s been the face of Studio Ghibli for decades. What we can expect is for his son, Goro, to continue and build upon the superlative work his father’s achieved over the years as Studio Ghibli looks set to carry on and thrive as one of the most respected animation studios in the world.

Are diamonds really rare? Myths and misconceptions about diamonds

Diamonds are our most popular gemstone. That hasn’t always been the case. It was only in the last century that diamonds became readily available. Prior to that, rubies and sapphires were the most popular gems, especially for engagement rings.

Kimberly Diamond Mine, South Africa. creative commons licensed ( BY-SA ) flickr photo shared by string_bass_dave

The popularity of diamonds is due primarily to the DeBeers organization. They set up the first large-scale diamond mines in South Africa. Then they began one of the most successful advertising campaigns in history, convincing consumers that engagement rings should always have a diamond.

With proper encouragement, the movie industry displayed its most glamorous women, draped in diamonds. As a result, diamonds soon became a top status symbol for the rich and famous. This peaked with the Marilyn Monroe movie, Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend.

Even after winning the consumers’ admiration, DeBeers continued their advertising. With the discovery of diamonds in the Soviet Union, a new campaign was created to sell anniversary bands. These made good use of the small, but nice quality diamonds the Soviet Union produced.

While the DeBeers company did wonderful things for the diamond industry, not everything about DeBeers is nice. As diamonds were discovered in other parts of Africa and South America, DeBeers managed to get control of the rough diamond supply. The tactics used to gain control of these rough diamond supplies are alleged to include murder and kidnapping.

DeBeers maintained monopolistic control over the diamond market for several decades. They carefully released only enough rough diamonds to satisfy then-current demand, while continually adjusting the degree to which the rough diamonds were made available. This caused continually escalating prices, and of course, it increased the perception of rarity. DeBeers actually mined considerably more rough diamonds than they sold and they have a large warehouse of uncut diamonds in London. As a result, they were not allowed to do business in the US, Canada, and a few other countries.

In the last couple decades of the 20th century, things began to change. Satellite technology, that was designed to find likely oil reserves, also showed the geology likely to hold diamonds. As a result, new discoveries began to multiply. Australia was one of the first developed nations to discover major diamond resources. DeBeers was able to make a deal with them to distribute all the rough, except for the very rare pink diamonds.

They also made a deal with the Soviet Union to distribute their rough diamonds. However, shortly after the break up, the Russians let their contract expire and began to sell the diamonds themselves.

The latest major diamond reserve was found in Canada. DeBeers could not make a deal with the Canadians, who are cutting and selling the stones themselves.

It is difficult to tell what the future will hold. Several sites are being explored and it is likely more diamond deposits will be found in the near future. DeBeers still controls approximately 75% to 80% of the diamond rough. The other suppliers have so far been content to sell at the same prices as DeBeers. However, if the law of supply and demand ever catches up to the diamond market, prices are likely to drop considerably. It is difficult to tell how this would play out, but DeBeers has a large inventory of uncut diamonds and would be in an excellent position for a price war.

Myths and Misconceptions

Here are some popular myths that you need to be aware of.

MYTH: Diamonds are rare.

Diamonds are the hardest material found on earth. Other than that, they hold no unique distinctions. All gem grade materials are rare, composing just a tiny fraction of the earth. However, among gems, diamonds are actually the most common. If you doubt this ask yourself; “How many women do you know that do not own at least one diamond?” Now ask the same question about other gems.

In the constellation Centaurus, there lies a white dwarf, that has crystallized into a diamond 2,500 miles in diameter and weighing 10 billion, trillion, trillion carats.

While we are still learning about the interior of the earth, current information shows that diamonds are likely the most common gem in nature. (See Gem Formation.)

Outside the earth, diamonds are also common. A recent discovery shows that some stars collapse on themselves, creating giant diamond crystals. In the constellation Centaurus, there lies a white dwarf, that has crystallized into a diamond 2,500 miles in diameter and weighing 10 billion, trillion, trillion carats.

MYTH: Diamonds are the most valuable gem.

You cannot say that one species of a gem is the most valuable. To do a comparison, you need to judge gems according to size and quality. This chart is based on top quality gems in different sizes. However, note that pure red rubies are so rare there is no trade data available. The prices listed are for Burmese rubies.

As you can see, diamonds are very costly, but not the most expensive gem in any size. If you were to do a comparison of other qualities, the results would be similar. If you are looking to invest in gems you should read our article on the inner workings of the gem trade.

MYTH: Diamonds are precious.

Precious means valuable. In the 18th century, a French jeweler began describing gems as either precious or semiprecious. The categories are still used in merchandising but are frowned upon by professionals as they are nearly meaningless distinctions.

For example, garnets are considered semiprecious, but tsavorite garnets have sold for as much as $10,000 per carat. That seems pretty “precious” to me!

On the other hand, diamonds are only very valuable in their better grades and medium to large sizes. Small, low-quality diamonds are available in quantity for just $1 a piece. A quick search of eBay and you will find several diamonds under $20. These are far from precious.

MYTH: Diamonds are the most brilliant gemstone.

Brilliance is determined by the cutting and the refractive index of the material. Diamonds have a very high refractive index of 2.41. Diamonds have the potential if properly cut to be exceptionally brilliant. However, this is nothing compared to the 2.9 RI of rutile. Not counting synthetics, there are at least 15 minerals with a higher refractive index than diamond!

MYTH: A person can make a lot of money selling diamonds.

As the Internet has continued to proliferate and GIA has established well-accepted grading standards for diamonds, margins on cut diamonds have become extremely thin. It is not uncommon for a diamond dealer to make gross margins inside of 5%. Compare that to virtually any other industry and you won’t think it is such a great business.

MYTH: Diamonds have more “fire” than any other gemstone.

Diamonds are known for their fire or dispersion. This is the ability to separate white light into the color of the rainbow. Diamond has a dispersion of .044, which is quite high. However, it is a far cry from gems like rutile with a dispersion of .330!

What is a Diamond?

Diamonds are a natural mineral and they are also produced in the laboratory. Lab made diamonds are primarily used as abrasives, but they are beginning to make their way into the jewelry industry. (See Understanding Gem Synthetics and Identification of Synthetic Diamonds.)

Gemologically speaking, diamonds are a mineral with a chemical composition of C, (carbon,) that crystallize in the isometric system. (See How Gems Are Classified.)

With a hardness of 10, diamonds are the hardest substance in nature. Harder substances have been created in the laboratory, but they are extremely brittle and have no practical use. If a harder substance is ever found that does not break down so quickly, it will greatly reduce the time needed to cut diamonds.

Diamonds have a refractive index of 2.41, which is very high. Being as they form in the isometric system, they do not have any birefringence or pleochroism. They have a specific gravity of 3.51 to 3.53, which is a bit more than average.

Numbers description of IRC

I cracked up and laughed so loud when I clicked on one of the examples, tried to use my mouse, and got the error message “Mouse not supported. Use your keyboard.” This got me because it always bothered me that nobody EVER uses a goddamn mouse when using a computer in TV/movies. It’s always nonstop clackity-clickity on the keyboard.

I think it would be easier just to zoom in on the reflection on the computer monitor and preform a series of enhancements to take a picture of the the suspects face.

What the hell goes on at these sets??? Technical Consultant: “Umm, guys? I just want to point out that this makes no fucking sense. We’re gonna end up on Reddit with the whole Internet laughing at us…”

Are there any TV writers on here? I call for a contest, winning Redditor gets to watch a Hollywood actor run a SQL query to reconstruct the events leading up to the crime.

Seriously, call me a complete buffoon if you wish but I always figured l337 speak was just for novelty purposes and done on forums or when you didn’t need to quickly convey a message.
In all my years of internet usage I have never actually met anyone who truly typed in “leet”, do people actually use this in an attempt to talk in code to other people.

It’s sad because Numb3rs typically gets a lot of its stuff somewhat close to right. Like it may not be completely real, but it’s based in reality. I love the show, and this is probably the first time I’ve actually cringed while watching it. In fairness, it did a lot better with this subject than I expected.

The moment they mentioned IRC I was like “oh shit, here we go”, and my wife gave me this look of “don’t you dare ruin this fucking show for me”, so I didn’t.

if by “get the math right” you mean the equations they write on a blackboard are valid, and the theories they mention are real then yes, they get the math right.

that really doesn’t mean it’s right though. they just kind of throw random theories and equations out there whether they relate to the problem or not. and then extrapolate worldwide trends from a sample size of two.

The only show I’ve seen that always gets computers right is Veronica Mars. Every time she pulls out her Macbook to do something cool, she always does it just like you would do it on a real computer, whether it’s reading email, searching Google, opening files, or whatever.

House is generally within the realm of possibility. However, most of the “tech” in cop shows, CSI, numbers, etc is outright wrong or fantasy. As far as IRC, unless you are a sysop on one of the servers in the network or sniffing the traffic; you would show up in the channel the two are in. Also, if it is a user to user chat, no 3rd party will be able to read it without again, packet sniffing. Further, channels can have passwords, allow lists and be invite only. One last thing “leet” is for script kiddies.

This reminds me of the time my team caught the “Chatroom Slayer”. Agent DeSouza chatted him up while I created a gui interface in visual basic and tracked his ip adress. From then on, it was a piece of cake using his monitor to make a screenshot of his face.

Print any image onto wood + MORE Fall & TUMBLR DIY’s

Just try to use a laser printer when possible for this. Inkjet will bleed a bit. This is also not limited to wood. I’ve done this on to stone to make plaques and coasters.

Yes, you need to make sure it is printed on a laser printer with Toner.

Wife does this all the time for gifts and just goes to Staples or another office shop and prints.

This is a neat little craft. Thanks for sharing, I could see myself making something like this as a gift.

I can see me putting this link to my girlfriend’s Facebook page so she can make me a NY Giants craft for Christmas.

My mom received something similar. It’s a block of thin wood with a little house painted on it with their names and the date. It’s beautiful and has hung on the wall through many remodels of the kitchen. Good for anyone with some basic crafting skills

That’s a very nice video. It’s very easy to follow. You have a very nice voice, it’s soft with good inflection, it’s perfect for this sort of thing.

i was going to return the computer so I changed the name to “user” but changed my mind last minute and never had the chance to change it back to my name 😛

That file path is only available on your local computer. No one on the internet can get to that file on your computer. You would have to upload it to a website like for it to be publicly accessible.

The OP posted a link to a PDF file with instructions and the templates used in the video, but the link was to a file on the local hard drive. So the two funnies are: there’s no way to follow the link to get the file, and OP’s Windows username is “user”.

Granted, not “hilarious”, but it gave me a chuckle when I noticed it and I decided to share my amusement. OP has fixed it, now, rendering my comment totally absurd and eliciting your confusion!

You’re also that guy who comments “That isn’t stir fry.” on /r/food when someone adds sauce to their stirred and fried meat and vegetables. Admit it.

just thought it looked odd without the comma. Try reading it without any pauses and you’ll see why. It wouldn’t be a big deal to add a comma into it either.

The tumblr thing just confused me.

I was actually thinking about that!! but I found the quote online without it and decided to stick with that. Thanks for watching 🙂

I have done the same on wood for even cheaper! Same technique (laser printed flipped image), place face down on wood, then pour/spray clear nail-polish remover on the paper. Dollar store nail-polish remover is great because it’s just acetone and water without any other chemicals/fragrances/colours. Then use a spoon to rub the parts of the image on to the wood (works on some other surfaces, but I can’t remember what). Mine turned out great, although my design was already sort of “sketchy” so I haven’t tried it on something that should look pristine. It came out really dark with great lines and detail though.

I’m familiar with a similar technique with a laser printed item you then heat transfer with what I remember is a wide disk tipped heat pen.

The laser printed part of that is important, since you’re transferring toner, which prints via heat

Why not paint the inside of the jar with the clear dry glue and place leaves in after? This is easier and faster.

Painting the leaves with glue seems like unnecessarily labor intensive.

I actually did that at first but I found that my leaves were too thick and would fall off unless I put the glue on the leaf itself.. So I had to wash the mason jar and start over but I think it could work if you had thinner leaves 🙂

I have an inkjet so I will probably go to staples to have my image printed. Will they be able to flip it for me before printing or do I need to figure out how to do that myself?

Toonami Promo/Inspirational Video- Dreams

I remember that word for word! They used to play it constantly right after they did the “version 2” update.

Also what is the name of the anime that is used the most with the red headed guy? My brain keeps coming up with Lone Star or Outlaw Star.

trust me, I know, it’s high on my PTW list. I’m kinda getting back into anime, I have a bunch of shit to catch up on, and a few things to finish, and I just started Madoka Magica. I’ll watch it soon, but holy fuck my PTW is huge.

I’ve had, hanging out in my hometown, visiting my family for Thanksgiving, seeing old friends, you had to double down on it by hitting me with a wave of nostalgia at the bitter end of this long day.

Would have to say Tenchi Muyo (Personal Favorite and one of my first animes) and Outlaw Star are both around the top of the list of Toonami All time best shows.

If you’re ever in the mood to take a walk back down that road, I highly recommend youtuber SlimD’s channel. Best place to find all of the highest quality bumps, promos, musicvideos, and even game reviews all from the Toonami history.

I like this one, but my favorite Toonami bit had to be Mad Rhetoric. Watching that as a kid gave me the shivers.

I sorta wonder if anyone will ever pick up Blue Submarine No. 6 and give it the facelift it sorely deserves. The CGI they used for the ships looks laughable now, and it’s the main thing that makes the show hard to watch (everything else about it is pretty fantastic).

It made me finally realize that I’m a girl & at 18, that really hit me for the first time. It never occurred to me as a kid that I wasnt a boy…when I was a kid gender was irrelevant. As I got older, I realized I was alienated/excluded from many things (particularly gaming/anime/talking about women or men) for being a girl & I lost a lot of great opportunities & childhood friendships cause of it. As a kid I loved this toonami clip, & when I was 18 I did too, but now I actually hate this promo. Now I’m worrying about illness, financial burdens, money, homelessness, loneliness, survival…& hearing about these philosophical life questions in anime/promos just feels so irrelevant. The practical rat race of life is too real for me i guess, it’s kinda killed my love for philosophy in anime/toonami/etc. I admire who I was as a kid watching this toonami promo now, & I think if I was a kid & saw that this is how I would have become as I got older, It would’ve been the death of me at like 8 years old.

I’m pretty close to the age you are and I think most people go through something like what you are feeling. I don’t think any of us really know what the fuck we are doing it just gets easier to put on a front and get by as you get older. I’m 23 now and I think life doesn’t really get better, but you get better at enduring. If you are really so different from your 8 year old self imagine how much you could change in another 20 years.

The Old Man and the Sea

The Old Man and the Sea (Russian: ?) is a 1999 paint-on-glass-animated short film directed by Aleksandr Petrov, based on the novel of the same name by Ernest Hemingway. The film won many awards, including the Academy Award for Animated Short Film. Work on the film took place in Montreal over a period of two and a half years and was funded by an assortment of Canadian, Russian and Japanese companies. French and English-language soundtracks to the film were released concurrently. It was the first animated film to be released in IMAX.

That is amazing, but I wonder what the framerate is, since one painting does not produce one frame (if that were the case it would be animated on 1’s and there would be paintings to spare, if it is 29000 paintings and it lasts 19min and 40 sec.)

This is really the apex of animation from a visual standpoint. I think more expressive and cartoony disney characters would be required but I see no reason why a feature production couldn’t be made with the glorious and lush backgrounds that we see in this film.

I got here from tumblr from a post that was talking about different kinds of animation. This was one of them on the list. I didn’t expect myself to watch the entire thing but I did. And wow. That was amazing. Incredible.

I literally had just read this short book in one sitting before typing in the title on Google to learn more about the story and see if there was anything I missed. It was a powerful story and the end when the other fishermen commented on the size of the fish made me tear up for some reason. My only criticism of this stunning animated film is that it cannot convey that length of time and pain the old man went through to get that magnificent fish. I also missed the men-of-war comments. That said, I applaud this beautiful piece of work.

Only learned lately that the voice of the old man belongs to Canadian actor Gordon Pinsent. For one of his exceptional roles see the movie Away From Her based on one of Alice Munro’s short stories. (Alice formerly of Clinton Ontario received the Nobel Prize for literature in 2014).

Wow. Breathtaking art. Was each frame a painting? The animation reminds me somewhat of Kings Quest. I hated reading this book and didn’t appreciate it at all in eighth grade, but I think this video would have helped me understand it a bit more had I seen it. The live action movie is garbage.

I’ve shown this video to my students at school. they were amazed . I myself can never express enough appreciation to the artist who took the time and effort to deliver such an outstanding work of art. thanks.

It’s a beautiful animated story and so touching. I was happy when he caught his dream at last but it didn’t last long for the enemies destroyed his dream… It was so touching. I have learned from this…

I understand from reading up a bit that it is painted on glass- The effect gives credence to the story by fantastic Hemingway and captures the underlie of the current stream of poetry in life and death.

The Bottle Shredder

I’m just thankful that they put that warning in the beginning. Don’t try this at home lads!.

Im glad they waited for the cars to pass. wouldnt want top spray their cars with orange pop.. We do say pop in the midwest. I live in Kansas, hearing “soda” makes me cringe.

I guess you could say that party was… Poppin!. You can hear the educational system failing these nutters. I don’t think English is their first language, but I can agree that these guys are completely out of control. Hopefully due to their young age they can be rehabilitated before they enter adult society.

It’s a shame these young gangbangers didnt have an opportunity in life. Raised by the streets

I can’t quite place his accent. It’s like Christopher Walken and brain damage. It’s an Icelandic accent. As an Icelander myself I agree it can sound painfully weird sometimes.

How come his English vocab is really good except for a select few wordS?. He reminds me of that cop from police academy with the long hair. He speaks like the kid and is a bit crazy.

They probably have one badass older friend who can drive. You would have to be a badass to drive over a bottle of soda.

I know English is probably not their first language but “Let’s rewind over it!” Made me laugh pretty hard

Criminals and Villians in backwoods of iceland — madlad badassery Can’t imagine the kids reaction when his YouTube views spike 4000% ..

Why SHELTER is Pretty Fantastic

Very true, after his minor callout of the mod in question it was nice to see him reflect on what Shelter represents. A very heartfelt monologue which is a good thing I’ve seen from Gigguk’s videos. I kind of got teary eyed like I did with his “You’ll Grow Out of Anime….Eventually” video.

The Pause and Select channel is really great. They make really relaxing and interesting videos, sometimes about the finer parts of a show, sometimes about the bigger traits of a show. Videos generally release once or twice a month, but the improvement of their videos over a year has been incredible.

Anime is changing and is becoming so much more than it was before. The mods here and the rules are incredibly close-minded in what defining what anime is. Maybe some of them don’t want anime to change, but every entertainment media evolves over time. TV and movies sure aren’t the same as they were, even 10 years ago.

there was a ton of hype for it on this sub even before that and some questions in part due to it being the work of an American face of the anime fandom in the US working with a studio and a staff that included Megumi Kouno….it was really discussed a lot.

It showed how in every fandom or almost every part of life there is a natural push back sometimes on new things vs the way it’s always been done. (And some of the sub’s rules were to prevent off-topic, problem is legalism when it comes to rules and that’s just a life perspective thing)

This was a huge step into uncharted waters when it comes to what anime is, and that definition will move and change as life and the times do. Just need to seek that balance between chaos and over-legalism.

I really hope that in next months meta thread we can have a serious discussion about expanding this subs definition of what anime is, because it’s only going to keep being a problem and ignoring the issue won’t make it go away.

I was actually expecting them to not remove it. No wonder I couldn’t find a discussion post on here and was left wondering if it already aired or not.

Even though the idea and music were from non-Japanese people it was still worked on by Japanese animators. Like what if a prominent anime studio made a movie with Japanese VAs, looks 100% anime, but it was directed by a non-Japanese? That isn’t anime?

That’s bizarre. So the reason it couldn’t be posted here is entirely down to Porter Robinson’s involvement? That’s extremely weird. By that logic, no adaptation of anything written outside of Japan should ever be posted on here. Lots of anime use non-Japanese music (JoJo and Ergo:Proxy are two that jump to mind that have non-Japanese ending themes), so it really does come down to the writer being the only real difference.

I doubt it. A ton of the power-users and mods are still telling themselves that it’s more important to moderate to the exact letter of the rules than to follow the spirit of them and do right by the users. Also, even though it was apparently only outside pressure that got the post reinstated, the regular users that were upset should be ashamed. Presumably for the offenses of the brigading Porter Robinson fans.

How to properly smoke a joint

That’s me after I take a huge dab but want to seem tough.Thanks! Was wondering funnily enough. Thanks! I looked into them some more, and if anyone is into psychedelic 60’s music (like the Beatles, King Crimson etc.) then I think you’ll enjoy this.

This is my new favorite thing now that I gotta show to everybody. That was amazing. At first I was like this is too long I’ll just watch the beginning but I was captivated pretty quickly..

I never heard of the curving your mouth to get more oxygen in your toke. Can anyone confirm if this works? But still.10/10 video OP,gonna watch it later after I get off of work and get stoned.

I guess that is a way to make sure ppl are inhaling, otherwise they will probably just pull the smoke to the mouth

When my state legalizes, this is exactly what I forsee happening with me surrounded by all of my wife’s straight laced friends and family.

and dont get loads of saliva on the joint, cant doggy it..I seriously get a boner every time it goes into that song after Time. Dude… What about Money or Us and Them? That whole record is the shit.

Don’t forget the transition from Us and Them into Any Colour You Like. Saw a documentary about Pink Floyd where I learned the lady singing in great gig freestyled it as a warmup and they stuck with it. Incredible.

I would be happy too if I could do a dab. As someone who lives in a 110% illegal state, i’ve never even seen any extracts before. I’ve never seen an oil rig before, I’ve only seen hash once in my life and I’ve been a stoner for 6 years.

Before you even explore, remember, NEVER BLAST BUTANE INSIDE. I’ve seen too many people blow their fucking kitchen up doing stupid stuff. On that note, go for it! But do it all outside!

It was uncomfortable enough I had to turn up the volume and see what it was, and I had to turn off my Pink Floyd to listen to it.

In case anyone wants to see other funny/smoking vids, I have a youtube channel CaliKushTV

Musically maybe, but none of them had the cultural impact that Dark Side did, being the number 2 highest selling album of all time after Thriller.

Defendant Rick and Judge Morty

I had the actual court transcript open on the other monitor while this was playing.

It is 100% verbatim. I have not laughed this hard in a very long time. Denver Allen deserves a fucking Oscar, and I would give literally anything to have been sitting in that courtroom.

This is freaking genius. Season 1’s interdimensional TV was much better than season 2’s, but if season 3 has a Judge Morty sequence in it and it’s as well done as this, it’ll be my favorite regardless of what the other sketches are.

Best version of the video bar none. You took the best of the best videos, and spliced in their missing pieces with the lower quality videos. This is as good as its going to get until they release the direct video.

In the judge’s defense, he actually stays pretty cool in the context. I’m guessing that he’s required to make sure the defendant understands his situation before he can continue, or else he’d just throw him the hell out as soon as he started swearing.

Yet he has his shit together well enough to know he needs a coroner’s report and an autopsy report. Maybe he thinks that if he pisses off the judge well enough and threatens his family, they’ll get him a different judge. That and he may not have to beat anyone up if the inmates respect his gall toward the judge enough.