Dog Reacts To Her Cancer Test Results

This made me smile even harder. I can empathize with how happy the owner is. I had a very similar situation with my cat – vet gave me a 2% change it wasn’t mouth cancer. I spent 2 weeks in tears and then I came in to get the results and it was stomatitis – my cat’s stupid body was just allergic to his teeth and was rejecting them.

That’s basically how they explained it. His body was recognizing his teeth as foreign objects and was rejecting them. So his gums were all swollen and ulcerated. Got his teeth pulled out and he’s all better now.

Note – He still has his canines, they weren’t causing him a problem but I have to keep an eye on him and get those removed if they become an issue.

Can you try a different vet? I don’t know anything about cats, but I’ve got a senior dog who’s been happy with just one tooth for the past few years or longer (she was like this when the shelter got her). She eats regular food and everything.

A lot of times it gets so bad that the immune system actually starts eating away at the teeth(!)

You can treat the infection with aggressive antibiotics and clean the teeth, but it’s likely to return unless the owners brush them every day and very few people are up for that (and it might just comes back anyway even if you do).

So best practice is usually just to take the infected tissue and teeth out, as this actually less painful for them both immediately and in the long run.

It’s more a problem with cats than dogs, as you can give dogs dental cleaning toys to chew and it’s much easier to brush their teeth.

If anything, it’s a result of kitties not having bones to chew like in their natural diet (do not give your cat bones! Bones can splinter and cut up the digestive tract, cause an obstruction, or fracture teeth.) Making sure your cat eats at least some dry food can help, though.

Old Commercial – Better Call Saul Webisode

Yeah even in Ozymandias’ flashback it took some suspension of disbelief to picture that this was the same young and skinny kid we meet in the pilot. I’m sure if we actually see Aaron Paul on camera as Jesse again it’ll be in the post-BB timeline, though I could see them doing some kind of vocal cameo for Jesse pre-BB.

Well yeah, the meaning of that scene was never up for debate. The discrepancy was that some thought it was a literal flashback scene, when there’s very little to suggest that.

By imagining that he was crafting a beautiful wooden box, he was reflecting on a happier time in his life. Notice, when he holds the box and begins to walk away…the chain holding him there tugs and jerks him back to the terrible reality that he loves in. This means that the entire scene was something he was imagining. And, generally speaking, BrBa didn’t ever use memories as a glance back into the past because a characters memory degrades. A flashback scene will be an exact potprtrayal of the past.

if you have not seen S2 of BB: In S02 E08 of BB when Walter and Jesse are in Jesse’s car in the parking lot outside Saul’s office, they are debating about using Saul and who should go in to talk to Saul about representing Badger. Jesse does not make any comments about having met Saul before, and based on what Jesse says it is implied that Jesse is very familiar with Saul based on people Jesse knows who have used Saul. Based on that, seems like the likelihood of Saul and Jesse meeting in the time frame of BCS is pretty much 0%. So, maybe one of those friends will meet with Saul in BCS? I would guess Skinny Pete who met Tuco in prison if I recall correctly. Guessing that more than likely Saul and Jesse would meet in the post BB time frame.

I think something to consider in Mike’s case is the amount of shit he’s gone through before even showing up in Albuquerque. His son was murdered, he spiraled into alcoholism, got shot himself, and went on the run after killing two cops. Dude has demons slowing him down.

Although yeah, I am on the same page as you. It may just be Jonathan Banks’ age, but I’m willing to believe all the prior things if it makes the show more immersive.

Ba… Bakaaa

The show is about a guy who uses his dating simulator game knowledge to get girls in real life to fall in love with him. Since the girl in the video is the shy, never talks, library girl he can’t progress or get a read on what she truly thinks so he says a few things to edge her on and make her speak her mind. She’s never really spoken out to someone like that so she turned into a nervous wreck and stuttered.

he works with a demon from New Hell (Good hell pretty much). She has an evil spirit inside of her, filling an empty space in her heart. The easiest way for him to fill that space and chase the demon out is through having her fall in love with him. This causes the evil spirit to leave and can be safely be brought back to New Hell.

The show is really upbeat and sweet, and I highly recommend it. Both the manga and anime adaptation are great. It’s on Crunchyroll if you wanted to watch it.

Trust me when I say this, but Hanazawa is a goddess when it comes to fabulous voice acting. Outside of moe, she did the following roles fucking exceptionally, ranging from enticing, to mysterious, to downright lusty: Aika from Zetsuen no tempest, Rize from Tokyo ghoul, Yukino from Garden of Words, Akane from Psycho-pass..

Amusingly, it varies by the region, as some have said. In Tokyo, if you call someone “baka” they’ll generally see it as a joke and laugh it off. However if you use “aho” people will feel genuinely insulted. Meanwhile, if you use “aho” in Osaka it’s interpreted jokingly but “baka” is viewed as an insult.

The Lightbulb Conspiracy

Stage 1 (Advertisement), and 3 (Credit) are well known and often discussed in the mainstream arena.
Stage 2 of the consumer process is much less talked about.

Stage 2 – Planned Obsolescence..
Obsolescence is the state of being which an object, service or practice is no longer wanted, even though it may still be in good working order.. (bar say one ‘irreparable’ defect.. exampled in this case, of the planned variety.
(Often compulsory for those entering into an established market.. i.e. permitted to remain in the fold.)

Thanks to these international, inter-company agreements (well illustrated here in the case of the light bulb’s life-reduction over the last century) we really Do have an identifiable template under which large companies Are going to operate.. to maintain consistent profits.

These agreements also foster alliances and understandings between the largest companies, solidifying the groups’ monopoly/ duopoly/ oligopoly etc. over their particular market areas.

If there is a display of competition and output styles between the different companies, there Will at least be Some agreements in place to preserve both a steady income and mutually beneficial consolidation for the established players involved. Negating any veritable competition.

These collectivist tactics have been going on too long.. resulting in disastrous consequences globally, in ever-decreasing/expanding circles (how ever you see it) of self-interest.

The illusion of competition is diligently maintained. It’s part of everyday business now. Maintained by those in the know (the heads of companies, executives, lobbyists etc.) for the ‘benefit’ of the consciences of those further down the chain of influence and for those who’d actually care to watch what’s going on.

These sorts of corporate activities serve big money interests alone.

NOTE: Over time, production processes are becoming less and less dependent on man power and this is not as good a thing as the Zeitgeist movement would like to promote. (Be careful who your thought-givers are, and what social-engineering intentions for that movement may be). Just do be aware, all otherwise well-meaning movements and institutions Are coopted by the big-boys sooner or later.. and these days Sooner is more likely to be the case.

Today’s corporatism is a form of fascism.. less obvious than Nazism ever was. and is far more detrimental to the planet’s survival.

It just a little obvious in this day and age what’s going on here.. what’s been transpiring on our planet since at least the second world war and more likely, to differing degrees, a long time before then.

You can put it down to human nature, or down the activities of a particular Type of human being — ‘enterprising’ people who wish to promote their own survival to the detriment of everything else.. the end justifies the means and all that sort of thinking).

This documentary illustrates quite well (to those who’d scoff at such ‘beliefs’ as) people planning together for their own benefit to the detriment of others in our world.
Conspiracy Factualising (put under the heading of ‘Theorising’) is a lot more common than many would think.

Airplane vs. Zero Hour (widescreen)

I just happened to catch Airport 77 a few years ago, I had no idea most of Airplane was based on Airport 77 (the one with Karen Black, right?). It was as fun as seeing The Graduate years after I’d seen Waynes World, and then realizing where half the jokes came from. Airport is almost as funny as Airplane!, although unintentionally. I love they brought in every “Man’s Man” actor from the 70s to help out. Like “Give me anyone with a solid jawline!”

I remember there was one scene where they’re trying to talk Karen Black through flying the plane, and like 5 minutes straight go by of them just giving step by step directions, and her following/repeating them. “Turn flaps 80 degrees.” “Turning flaps 80 degrees….” It was hilarious.

Artistically, you can call something whatever you want. But legally, they are distinct things for copyright reasons. Parody is protected speech, but if something is found to be satire in court, it is not considered fair use.

The shitty and inconsistent rule of thumb is that parody mimics a work to directly make fun of that work, and satire makes fun of something unrelated. Then throw in a million exceptions.

You know I always wondered what “war” Striker was talking about. This movie came out in 1980, so I kind of assumed Vietnam but Ted was not that old. Now I see they lifted it from a WWII perspective.

Besides when people said they “fought in the war” they referred to World War 2. If someone fought in Vietnam it was always referred to as ‘Nam.

Rin Speaks In English! (Free! Eternal Summer)

if you like it you should check out the show, kiniro mosaic, season 2 is currently airing, the first couple episodes are pretty heavy on the engrish but it calms down after that,

if you are interested make sure you at least watch till episode 3 when the last of the main girls joins, karen who is half english half japanese, if it seems too cute and focuses on blonde hair too much you can skip to season 2 “hello kiniro mosaic” which i am liking much more.

even though it isnt common the english in season 2 is also improved

Naw, as someone from the U.S. I can tell, but I’ve met a lot of Australians online so maybe I have a better handle on the accent than most. I think they probably didn’t do that many takes with these VAs. Especially if they were recording in a Japanese studio, the Japanese sound director probably thought the first take or two was fine even though to us they come across a little stilted and the accent isn’t perfect. Hard to know if the VAs are good or bad in those situations because not every VA gets it right on the first try.

I liken it to someone speaking German in a WWII film like Saving Private Ryan. I have no way of knowing if they’re speaking with the right accent or if their delivery is good even though I know a little German. I can only really go off of body language and tone of voice, which isn’t a whole lot when we’re talking about whether or not something feels stilted. I’m sure the Japanese are pretty much the same way with English speakers.

Now you know what it’s like for American companies like Funimation. they are pretty strict about lip syncing mouth flaps, and for this very reason. It’s really noticeable in your native language to see when something is off sync, so they have to go with the best translation they can of lines that also match mouth flaps.

It’s like, which would you want, strict translations that don’t sync up with the video, or more loose and natural sounding translations that match flaps. Either way, people will complain.

Brad Presenting Quentin Tarantino

He drives a yellow 2009 or so Mustang, covered in fake bumper stickers from his movies all over the back. Had a couple really cool Jungle Julie In The Morning ones, and a big one that says “Lee Marvin For President.” Besides Jay Leno, he has the craziest head and face of anyone I’ve ever seen. His head doesn’t look real, it looks like he has a Halloween mask on, he’s fucking crazy looking.

I had to go five or 6 nights in a row, it’s a long story why I had to be there, basically my boss was working on it pulling focus and I had to bring him paperwork shit for his business that I work for cause they were up in Simi Valley and there was no internet or wifi whatsoever. It was Jan and the coldest weather I’ve ever been in in LA, it was like 38 degrees or something. It was all muddy and miserable. It was all the stuff with the riders coming down the hill and blowing up the doctor’s wagon. Don Johnson got his foot caught in the stirrup getting off the horse the first night & twisted his ankle really bad, I think he went to the hospital. They had to shoot around him. It’s not great, but this is the only pic I was able to squeeze off from the back of the camera truck. They collected everyones cell phones at the entrance to the set, but I smuggled mine.

Im glad I got the chance to. In general my job is boring as hell but I get to do some really cool shit sometimes. My boss actually had one of 8 copies of the script originally, with a hand-inscribed cover by QT. The original draft was four hundred pages.

I actually went and read it, because I thought it would be interesting to know the whole story, see what made it and what didn’t, so who got cast as who, etc. It took me almost 3 hours. If you’ve never read a Tarantino script, they are the most fun scripts ever written because he writes for himself and throws a lot of rules and formats out the window, and it’s great. Like a scene description would be “This cool cat’s had it with Bob’s shenanigans, so he peels Sam Colt and blows the motherfucker off the stool,” ha ha. I was laughing my ass off reading it.

Who wants to be a Millionaire

That pissed me off a bit. This documentary spends a lot of time setting this guy up as some creepy weirdo evil guy who somehow cheated away the network’s money, up until the very last part.

I mean sure, the guy was weird, but the only thing he did was actually learn the game. It’s no more cheating than knowing winning and losing patterns in a chess game and choosing the right next move.

He did embellish his background to get into the show but that’s about it and I am sure he’s not the first to do that.

The problem isn’t the contestant, but your buddy with the remote in the audience. I’m sure they have some precautions against fraud, like no cell reception and a strict policy on electronic devices.

The really interesting question is: why wouldn’t the smart person go on the hot seat instead and just win the million genuinely? It’s not a real advantage to have an idiot bloke sitting there and get the right answers by coughing or other means to him, if you actually know the answers.

I’m 53 minutes into the doc. This guy was a terrible bluffer. He’d fixate on an answer for a few minutes, but when he heard a cough signalling another one, he would very quickly say he was sure it was that one. Even his reasoning for his guesses before he was tipped off to the answer were awful.

IIRC he had a friend in the audience who would cough when he would verbally say the correct answer, so he would go through the choices and when he got to the correct letter he would listen for a cough and then choose it. They made it extremely far until they got too greedy and kept going after they had planned to stop, they got caught shortly after making it near the million.

Also his friend did not know an answer to one of the questions so the friend asked someone next to him for the answer. The contestant was awkwardly stalling for time and going back and forth randomly on the questions. he did the same thing for many of the questions i think then ‘magically’ got the right answer each time.

Was not too clear but i hope this helps

Making Wax Models of Food in Japan

I stayed with a host family in Japan and they took me to a wax food workshop. I got to make fake lettuce and tempura and it looks so amazing. It is challenging when you have limited language skills, but fun and I definitely recommend it.

Anything by Frederick Wiseman fits the bill, though the settings of his documentaries really determine how “relaxing” they are… His movies about gardens and museums are a lot more pleasant than the ones about insane asylums and public housing projects. All great though!

I love how quiet this was. Since I’m pretty introverted, the busy office environment I’m in now where I have to maintain some level of interaction is exhausting. Working in a place like in the video with just some quiet music and the sounds of people doing their thing is really enticing.

There’s a place around Asakusa in Japan called Kappabashi Street that sells products for opening and maintaining restaurants. They have tons of this plastic food, and it can be pretty pricey if you want to stock a restaurant (nevermind custom made ones). Around 6,300 yen/$63 for a plate of “fried rice”, and I’ve heard family-size sushi platters can go up to 50,000 yen/$500.

Does anyone know more of these type of documentaries. With the video just showing things and the narrator sometimes speaks. I find it a really relaxing experience when watching.

I’ve been there a few times since the 90s. When I first went there were still plenty of places where the smoke and steam was coming up through the ground. The graveyard was particularly creepy back then.

The most recent time I visited (about five years ago) there was really little smoke. Even then all but one or two buildings had been torn down and grass had filled in over all the roads. It’s really not worth the trip to visit any more unless you happen to be in the general area.

The Abyss – Favorite Scene

Anyone that’s a fan of The Abyss has GOT to see those. No way you couldn’t like them! 🙂

I think his Terminator movies are his strongest work. T2 even now, nearly a quarter century after it was first released, still looks amazing. The effects were built specifically to enhance the story and are integrated seamlessly into it. But the story, the human interactions and the characters are of primary import which isn’t always the case in effects laden blockbusters today.

Cameron is a master story teller and can find intimate, beautiful personal details in movies, regardless of whether the movie is set in a post apocalyptic future, like The Terminator, or in a disastrous past, like Titanic.

For me, his best work will always be The Terminator and T2; the first movie ushered in 80’s filmmaking and made a monumental star of Schwarzenegger, while the second ushered in the primacy of special effects tent pole movies and day and date releases on a global scale.

The word genius is bandied about a little too liberally these days but I honestly feel it aptly describes Cameron. There is no future except that which we make and Cameron has played his part in making ours.

What a respectable dood in how he handled goin with Henson studios instead of consulting with Giger. In no way did he hope to recapture the lightning in a bottle of the first movie (which, though apples to oranges I feel is the best of the franchise) but instead stamped every inch of the predetermined concept with his own creative vision. As for strictly his body of work I think Aliens and Abyss are two sides of the same coin, both completely amazing in their own right, from Coffee as a tragic villain to Bishop as a tragic hero. Two of the most iconic characters to date.

It’s a matter of story architecture. Deus ex machina + asspull is generally frowned upon.

That is, a well-structured story ties in these capabilities, even “magical”, with some degree of consistency and hopefully logic. They could affect water in strange ways and a lot of strange stuff. But decompressing a body would be all sorts of complex, the established story was that the sea-aliens didn’t really understand humans down there- including our biology- and they didn’t have any scene where, say, alien-manipulated water surrounded them and sucked the nitrogen saturation out of them. What’s more, arguably the instant-surfacing doesn’t really seem to be a necessary, meaningful part of the climax. There would be many other ways to resolve the characters’ storylines without instant-resurfacing.

Thus the common complaint- the story kinda fell flat on the ending. Movie’s great if you just ignore the ending.

I sure didn’t like the ending of Avatar either. The whole story was based on this thing where he wasn’t actually a blue alien, just remotely controlling it, yet still empathizing with them. There was no long-term resolution for that. Then at the last minute we’re told that consciousness could be transferred permanently, even though there was no precedent in the plot of “soul transfer” of any sort. All effected by a hippie drum circle.

Even so, it needs to have been established as an issue that needs to be resolved. Furthermore, it’s got to be a metaphor for a relatable problem for the audience to take personally.

Decompression wasn’t established with a meaningful metaphor for anything else- what’s more, the story was really reaching to try to say that sudden ascent was even something the characters needed. It was rather arbitrary.

Cameron’s original ending was the sea-aliens watched our TV and deemed us a violent, dangerous species, and menaced the world’s coastlines everywhere with an immense static tidal wave hundreds of feet high that it held and dropped back.

The sea-aliens revealing themselves to the world by ascending was the primary plot point. Returning the crew with them was only a detail.

I have loved this movie since I was a kid. Really moving film. My favourite scene is when Ed Harris refuses to give up on reviving Mary Mastrantonio and screams, (paraphrasing) “Live!! LIVE! You’ve never given up on anything in your life! Live you bitch!” and slaps her in a desperate attempt to bring her back. It kills me every time. The scene feels so real.