Elite Dangerous – Horizons

This is another quick-and-dirty unedited video capture from Horizons on a dev machine (the same GTX 770 as before). It was taken on a rocky moon (somewhere between Earth and Mars in size). Adam is driving this SRV, Eddie the other one. A few things still need work – the display to the right (‘mass lock’ etc) is still to be changed, some audio and visual effects are missing, eg buggy texturing and motion-blur on the tyres are not working, and Eddie’s SRV was not showing on the scanner in this build. The point is it is still in development, but it is already great fun to drive.

From my usual experience the speed doesn’t influence the heat generation, but it could be the case as I never tested. Also, disabling the fuel scoop lower your heat generation, regardless of active fuel scooping, I doubt it has to do anything with the fuel scooping % rate, but once again I could be wrong as I never tested.

Heat generation is 100% dependent on how close you are to the star and how hot the particular star is.

Disabling your fuel scoop, much like disabling your shields, draws less power from the power plant and therefore makes it give off less heat = cooler running ship.

The fuel scooping % is in direct correlation but is the result of how close you are to the star, I always assumed the fuel scooping rate itself doesn’t generate heat but the closeness to the star does.

However, speed causing more heat is interesting, I never noticed that though, only case I can think of is having a stable heat when at minimum speed; it’s maybe also achievable at higher speed but harder to experience as being more difficult to stay exactly at the same distance of the star at greater speed.

what is it like to be interdicted for you? I will submit, full pips to ENG, put the NPC behind me, and boost until the FSD is ready. By the time the NPC wants to open fire, he’s at least 3km away, and may as well be slinging stones at my shields.

This method is 100% effective in all but the most cumbersome ships. Throw in some clean drive tuning, and you’re all set.

Depends on where the NPC will respawn – so system structure affects that. Also, if it’s a very slow one, once you get past the sensor range it will “not detect” you low-waking out.

I just evade the interdiction and go on my merry way while NPC pirate deals with some spinning and a 30 second FSD cooldown.

Assuming you’re still in a hard vacuum on the dark side the only heat you would be receiving is from conduction from the planets surface or radiation emitting from the planets surface.

The planet has an average temperature of 332 degrees Fahrenheit (167 degrees Celsius) The day side of the planet reaches temperatures of up to 801 F (427 degrees C). In contrast, the chilly night side can get as cold as minus 279 F (minus 173 C). The heat doesn’t stick around long with nothing to act as an insulator when the sun goes down.

lite Dangerous is a religious experience for space nerds. I’d heard of people crying from experiencing ED in VR and thought it was an exaggeration, but it can definitely happen depending on your state of mind at the time. I’ve had VR since the DK1 and Elite Dangerous made me shed a small tear the first time I tried it in the DK2 and then again in the CV1 (I have a Vive as well). I don’t think any game has ever made me cry before, and ED did it off sheer beauty alone. Approaching and docking in a several kilometer wide space station, scooping fuel from a distant star, blasting pirates for money while dodging between asteroids on a planet’s ring, getting outgunned and having to panic hyper jump to the nearest star… ED is a very majestic experience. There are times you really feel like you’re Star-Lord or something just trying to make a name for yourself.

That being said, the ‘mile wide and an inch deep’ assertion is 100% true despite what dedicated fans will tell you. The game play is complicated, but you figure it out quickly. The problem is you don’t get a whole lot of variety, and the bigger ships take a long time to acquire. Still, the base game is fairly cheap and is a must buy if you have a VR headset. Pick up a HOTAS like the $50 T-Flight Thrustmaster X, which can be used in other games, and you’ll definitely have a blast for a solid 10 – 20 hours regardless of whether you’ll want to stick around. If you like it, horizons (for landing on rocky planets) is fun, and future updates on the roadmap look great.

The Witcher 3- Wild Hunt

I literally just did something like this. was riding out of crows perch and heard some hooligans messing around with townsfolk, asking them where their money was. no exclamation mark on the map, didn’t think I’d be able to do anything.

but out of morbid curiosity I turned around and rode up to them. a cutscene started. two armored assholes were about to murder random villagers for no reason.

so I murdered them.

no quest, no experience, no reward but for the thanks of the villagers and the swell feeling of doing a good deed.

Bunch of Witchhunters about to put a Wizard (is that what they’re called? Is that a thing? A male magic person, anyway) to flame. Decided fuck it, pulled out my sword and hacked them to bits.

Cue little dialogue of him thanking me and leaving the fuck out of there.

Was pretty neat.

In the world of the witcher, a sorcerer/sorceress is someone who does “real” magic, big-league stuff. Elemental bindings and the like. Witches/wizards are small-timers who make sure the cows keep milking in the village. “Witch” is therefore a pejorative term when applied to a sorceress. I don’t recall “wizard” being used pejoratively, but I guess it would be the same.

There are only a few hundred living sorcerers and sorceresses during the time period of the games. Sorceresses are much more common than sorcerers, because women manifest magical gifts more often.

I helped some bandits track a witch hunter. When I found out their reasons (cuz he torched five grams of pure fisstech) I told them to back off. Helped him to a medic later.

Hopefully he learns, unlike the other witch hunter I’ve helped in the past. I think they’re all fanatic idiots, but maybe after receiving some aid and mercy from a witcher they’ll change their ways a bit. If not, I’ll kill them next time we meet.

Some witch hunters were being dickheads, so I thought to myself “An excuse to kill witch hunters? Don’t mind if I do.” I walked up to them, pressed E and a dialogue started. I taunted them into attacking me and once the fight started, all but one glitched out and I just had a field day on his ass.

Here’s the recording if you’re curious.

I had a similar experience helping a mage who was about to get burned at the stake. I didn’t have an exclamation point on my screen but I got off my horse anyway. I wasn’t able to start a conversation but I tried burning the guards anyway. All of a sudden they attacked me and I killed them off and saved the mage from being burned alive.

It was a pretty awesome and unexpected result since I was the one who initiated the attack with the game not telling me that someone needed to be saved in that situation.

Geralt’s line in this trailer is a direct quote from the books, more specifically from “The Lesser Evil” short story. This is one of the most iconic lines of the entire franchise, actually. I strongly recommend reading this story; it’s pretty much the epitome of the moral complexity of both the books and the games.

A lot of people don’t like Geralt’s character because he’s “bland,” but I find that since he doesn’t say much, what he does say has much more impact than something Drake would say or something. I think during the quest with the play if Geralt gets cast as an actor, he says to Irina something like, “say less for greater effect,” and it’s so true.

his is the part in the trailer I was referring too in particular:

“Evil is evil. Lesser, greater, middling… makes no difference. The degree is arbitrary. The definition’s blurred. If I’m to choose between one evil and another, I’d rather not choose at all.”

There isn’t a specific story about this trailer in particular but something along the lines of that quote does get mentioned somewhere, gave me chills.

Things like choosing between different kinds of evil and how people can be monsters just as well as actual monsters are mentioned in the books. The short story The Lesser Evil touches this subject quite well. It’s part of the book The Last Wish.

This only took me, oh, fifty or so tries.

The key is to approach it like Scorched Earth (dating myself here). You find the line then adjust the trajectory ever so slightly, using something on the screen as reference (in this case, the lower arch on the bridge). Then it’s a matter of hoping she stops in the right place… I wanted her to die way more by the end of this than the beginning.

So, adjust the angle and power of your shot a dozen times and hope that you get the trajectory right before your little brother launches his goddamn Death’s Head and wipes you and the mountain you were sitting on off the face of the planet?

I was mostly referring to the fucked up art style, but I should’ve said that in the main comment. They tried to make it realistic, and fucked up royally producing some creepy ass characters. Should’ve gone the WoW route and made it stylised but less realistic. Would’ve aged/looked much better.

The game didn’t look that bad for its time, except for the face generation engine they bought as a middleware from somewhere, that had the tendency to create a distinctive potato-head look on the characters. Unfortunately that same engine was used in Fallout 3 and FO:NV too…

I remember the first time I left the sewers after the tutorial, my jaw dropped at the view of the lake and the mountains. They really knocked it out of the park with that first vista of the world. Really, the only problem with the graphics was the character models themselves.

I take greater issue with the way it sounded. Worst VO work ever. Pretty sure they just grabbed some people from the alley behind a community theatre and paid them in booze.

The worst bit was how the voice artist would routinely change half-way through conversations, as if the last guy passed out and they CBFed restarting from the top of the page.

It became a matter of getting kinda close then making a quicksave. I was lining up my shot based on the position of the lower arch of the bridge on my screen, if that makes sense.

I watched the video and thought “Hah, that’s pretty funny.” But then, about five minutes later, it hit me just how funny and awesome it was, and I immediately sent it to all of my Skyrim-playing friends. The way you stop her just at the right spot is brilliant. Amazing work.

Me neither, until just a few minutes before. I was on an NPC killing spree (as many of us do when bored) and when a guard tried to arrest me Lydia killed him mid sentence before the camera finished zooming in. It pretty much inspired this attempt.

I did a similar one with the Talos nut in Whiterun, except the only way I could get it right is to rotate slightly past 90 degrees with my back to him and actually shoot backwards. The crunch as it hits him is extremely satisfying.

I still have the save when I am in exactly the right place. All I have to do is reload, draw and shoot!

It was a well spent drunken 2 hours with a buddy of mine.

Cp – follower Shenanigans

He’s probably whispering because someone else is nearby and trying to sleep. Or more likely, he’s trying to hear the enemy footsteps. When you’re all stuck up together like that it’ll be pretty dangerous if the enemy demo or solly shows up.

That was pretty impressive, wonder what red thought when blu started capping mid. When you look at the killfeed you can see two guys suiciding hoping they’ll respawn in time.

Then he used his fight money to buy two of every animal on earth, then he herded them onto a boat, and then he beat the crap out of every single one.

With the exception of multiplying by 2(or any power of 2), trying to change the resolution of the video directly then the pixels from the original have to be blended into the pixels of the resulting image as they don’t line up. This really hurts the quality of the file.

The same process applies to game resolution converting to your monitors native when at full screen.

Normally in a 6v6 5CP match like this, both times rush to mid and fight it out. In this case, the blue team went and hid in an out of the way spot near the mid point (except for the one guy playing engie who build a sentry on their second point to slow the red team down).

Once red had capped mid they moved to second and quickly killed the engie. At the same time the rest of blue came out and capped mid. Because of the sentry slowing them down, they were able to cap it faster than red could cap second.

After that it became a race to red’s last and red couldn’t catch up.

There are like two sponsored teams in tf2. They were not playing against a sponsored team when they’re at the level where they don’t even have mumble. Not entirely true. Some teams hold back with a kritz and give up mid to push in afterwards, or in fact just hold second and build uber if mids just aren’t working for them

you can argue that it helps build the muscle memory, such that you can walk in all directions and jump while switching to what weapon you like. It’s a bit of a reach, but i think it helps a tiny bit

If you mean the one that was on Reddit a week or so ago, that was completely debunked by the comments. I don’t know what was wrong with his setup, but diagonal movement should be no faster than running forwards.

Pickpocketing is the best skill tree in Skyrim

Not lying here. This is the best Skyrim video I’ve seen. Can others point me to something similar? I heard of Olaf the guy who wanted to be rich.

There’s also this guy called Rabbit’s Respawn. He doesn’t do funny videos per se but he does pull off some sick shots and acts all suave about it like he’s used to those things happening. Also, his voice penetrates my very being

Those vertical shots are exploiting the fact that vanilla Skyrim arrows home in to targets. It works a bit too well in vertical.

Is he using mods or console commands get 100% chance to steal items? I’ve never had it go above 90% in any of my games no matter what I did

I’m working my way up to do the same, naked skyrim I have no idea if it will last but once I get up to 100 I’m taking everyone’s clothes

What’s with the constant cuts in the video? It seems like his voice cuts out every half second and it’s just more work for him.

laughing all the way. and he’s one of the few youtubers that can actually pronounce the NPCs names without butchering them. Have never levelled pickpocketing at all – how does one do that? Just get chased by assassins all the time until you get good at it?

sounds good! When I first started playing I stole everything I had, including horses. Things did not go well for me.

GTA V Cops With No Headlights Use Flashlight Instead

GTA V is filled with awesome little details. I just played it again on the PS4, and the game never ceases to surprise. It’s an incredible experience.

And online heist are coming.

He’s keeping pace with it and there’s a pretty big safe zone around him. As long as nobody cuts in front of him he won’t crash.

The level of detail in this game is staggering; only a few days ago did I find out that if you shot at the house of one of the other main characters, they would phone you up and tell you to stop shooting at it!

I was perving around taking pictures of Tracy[i] lounging by the pool in a bikini and Michael texted me to cut it out. Also if you blow Tracy up with a grenade she’ll send you an angry text later.

Also if your play as Trevor or Franklin and go to Michael’s house and look at Tracy sunbathing you get a message from micheal saying something like “don’t perv on my daughter!”

I just wish Rockstar would program the cars to take advantage of the fact that controllers have analog triggers nowadays so that in order to drive slow all you have to do is not push the trigger down as much, just like a real car’s throttle. It would also be nice if every car in the game had realistic shift points instead of being tuned to only shift at redline like they’re freaking race cars.

The cars do take advantage of analog triggers. If I half pull the trigger, the car isnt going to spin tires, it us going to move forward at a normal speed. It was like this in GTA IV as well

The handling in the new gen versions is really weird, the cars are super responsive and, as you say, rarely spin their wheels. The old gen versions have much floatier (and I feel better) handling, it’s a little more difficult and varied.

Evolution of Nintendo Controllers

Glad you enjoyed it, I started animating it Wednesday night and spent a couple of hours last night and then this afternoon too.

Yeah all After Effects. Most of it is hand keyframed with the actual shape transformations happening through Reshape with additional keyframes added. The ending in 3D is using Element 3D (VideoCopilot).

It becomes a game to watch where each button moves to between each controller. I think the D-Pad is the thing that stays around longest.

Kinda makes me wish the the a, b, x, and y buttons were red, Yellow, green, and blue.

Maybe this has been said plenty of times but i have had a hard time figuring out how big is the switch screen. Can someone give me a comparison? Iphone 7 screen? Bigger than the wii u gamepad screen?

This actual screen size is identical to the Wii U gamepad. Obviously the bezels are significantly smaller, so it makes the Switch screen seem relatively bigger and the overall product seem sleeker, but the screen size is the same, 6.2″.

I know, it’s like the worst hodge-podge ever imagined. That PSMove bubble thing on the top is the cherry on top (literally).

really good! though i wish the grey joycons lifted up, then came back down on the grip instead of turning red and blue.

Right, the US SNES has two-tone purple buttons. The US NES is the same as UK.

Having the coloured SNES buttons narrowed you down to either PAL or Japan, but having a NES controller instead of a Famicom controller ruled out Japan.

My problem is a have or these ideas buzzing around but when I try to do them I get frustrated because it takes too long for me to be able to do these ideas..

Rainbow Six Siege: How bad the Kapkan exploit really is

not having the laser will prompt people to place the trap backwards (as in the sensor is on the side that the attackers will go in). This will be done as the sensor side itself is less noticeable, and will take a while for people to adjust to it, netting free kills for a while. People are wanting the trap to be free kills, but that isn’t what they are about at all, they are a rushing punishment and also a good lurk setup. The problem is that people are only looking at the set and forget kill potential and nothing else.

I completely agre, this is just bullshit.

Having no laser would be quite okay (in my opinion), but right now you can get killed by invisible trap, even if you don’t come into the doorway! That laser going perpendicular – it still detects there.
Not only that, some walls are thick enough to completely hide the screw (airplane entrances or the big door to the server room on consulate if you place it on the right side). And having both hidden is overkill imo.

That’s my issue with people wanting the laser removed. Some walls completely hide the screws (Most notably in bank, consulate, and the plane). Having no laser and no screw visible is not smart balancing here.

Yeah. People want to get kills consistently with Kapkan but don’t realize how OP that is. No other op can get consistent kills. Frost’s trap is the only comparable thing to Kapkan’s and its hard as hell to see but as a balance thing it also doesn’t kill.

There’s a reason why Twitch drone barely deals damage, Frost’s trap doesn’t kill, Ashe’s breach charge doesn’t damage like a grenade launcher, etc. Its because you cant have an op with an ability that consistently free kills enemies.

Attackers are already pretty starved for time if they are actually playing the objective. Having to spend a lot more time checking every door more thoroughly will only make the game into more of a TDM than it already is.

They just need to hotfix it so that hitting the “place trap” button during removal causes it to detonate, killing the Kapkan.

This along with the crap hit reg and slenderman glitches the 2.0 update brought have me playing BF4 until this is fixed. If its not patched by April I’m trading it in for something worthwhile.

Gaming subs tend to be pretty toxic, it’s bandwagon squared. I wouldn’t think too much about it, that’s just how people are when they’re passionate about a game. However the consensus right now seems to be that a lot agree the game is (too) buggy, but that the kapkan’s laser trip glitch is actually how it should be (hence why a disabled would be an undesired move). Kapkan’s laser trip is too obvious with the laser for enemy players and the application of his laser trips are actually more diverse when the laser off. With the glitch it’s now viable to place them around the map and not just at key entry points, forcing the attackers to consciously move around and not just rush to the objective perimeter.

Personally I think it’s alright as it is (without glitch), because you can still place them around the map if you just barricade the door/window and melee it twice. Players tend to get suspicious at the hole first, ignoring the trap and then maybe try to vault through it once they get closer and still die that way. I get a kill at least once a match this way and sometimes more, which seems fair to me. Having said that, if they decide to make the laser invisible unless you use a smoke grenade or IQ’s device, allowing her to be more useful too, I’d totally support that decision.

edit: Meant just the first part of the glitch, removing the bolt entire glitch is just broken imo.

Don’t get me wrong, I love both Kapkan and Tachankas SMP / Shotgun, though their gadgets simply put are inferior to those of other operators. Just think about it. Frost is a good example, as mentioned by you. The traps are much harder to spot – in comparision – to Kapkan’s non-glitched ones. They don’t have anything sticking up to give away their position or so. Not even IQ can spot them. But alright, Frost might get some more balancing in the future with the new release having to be attractive to players.

But even if you compare it to other operators, his SPECIAL ability simply put is less effective. Probably so to every other one, indeed. Tachanka, as an example, which is often seen as inferior, still has a pretty good gun as special ability, even though it could use some changes too. Mute, Bandit both can – rather consistenly – provide a great tool against Thermite, in the right hands render him useless. (Only setting up batteries when a charge is going on to counter Thatcher, for example.) Kapkan in comparision? Barely slows the enemy team down because the ability is given away very clearly without much of a workaround.

PokeMMO Trailer

I’m at a loss as anyone I speak to sparks up a blank text window prompt. I can’t progress at all in the game and I have everything put together correctly. And the texture outside of Oak’s Lab is just a jumbled mess.

I have no idea what’s going wrong.

I’ve never gotten into any of the MMO’s on the market right now. WoW, Runescape, Rift, Starcraft, City of Heroes, etc., etc. But now, maybe I can finally get into the genre now that this has come to my attention. Let the falling grades and neglected daily tasks commence….

The whole point of it is to interact with others, but if you don’t want to do that you could just play the game normally. It’s not done being codes, but once it is you can play it just like normal Fire Red, but they have also added (and will add more) extra features.

is it exactly like firered because I’ve played that game to death and I’m not sure it would hold my interest fully. Sure, interacting with other players is cool but I’m just a bit worried that it doesn’t bring much else to the able. I’ll definitely keep an eye on it though and probably join once it reaches beta..

They’re coding everything in the actual game. It’s still in Alpha (not even beta yet), and its still pretty newish. Once the main storyline is completed they’re going to be adding extra stuff. Just last patch they added the ability to have Pokemon follow you, and that’s a feature not even in FRLG. The Pokemon also show if they’re shiny in their overworld sprites as well.

Actually I think they took a pretty smart route in the sense that they don’t actually distribute any pokemon related content, just the client to get online. All of the game material is pulled from the rom that the user finds by their own means. And of course, it’s totally legally to own a rom as long as you’ve purchased a hard copy of the game. If anything they could say their program is “rom online support software” or something clever like that.

Machine Learning for Video Games

Looking at it, the title is highly misleading. The program is not teaching itself, rather it’s learning how best to play based on a metric given by the programmer(looking at the code, it seems grading is done by measuring how far mario got in the level, and how much time it took to reach that result. Please note that the program has these notions preprogrammed into it). There is a huge distinction between the two, as a program that teaches itself needs no grading program or guidance from a human, while learning is very much easier and not at all surprising. It’s the difference between weak AI and strong AI, and I wish people would stop trying to conflate the two.

They are very complicated versions of you performing a physical act and then purely through physical causality something happens. You let a stone loose, it falls down. Computers being electrical/optical machines is just because that’s the fastest medium, but really they’re still these physical, causal things, and they could work with any other kind of medium that allows for the creation of things we can interpret as boolean logic. Pressure and temperture for example.

Machine learning as demonstrated is a programmer giving a data set, a goal condition and the machine throws random stuff at the data set. The programmer decides via the goal condition what sticks and what doesn’t. Repetition allows the programmer to make the computer find sequences of things that stick.

But that’s not actually learning, it’s just the physically causal machine finding a path of least resistance according to the instructions of a programmer. It’s like water carving out a riverbed. Or you carrying a bucket of water somewhere, emptying the bucket and then finding the lowest path by watching the water.

The water doesn’t “know” where to go, it just is and obeys the laws of physics.

That’s weak AI.

Strong AI would be thinking like us humans, whatever that actually means.

There are tons of reasons we don’t have intelligent computers yet. The research money, the technology, the marketability of them in the economy. Just because they don’t exist that doesn’t say anything about whether they would be similar to humans.

Here’s the thing with the brain. We understand it at the lowest level: the neurons. We understand that it all boils down to simple electricity charging and discharging. It’s actually so simple it’s not interesting at the hardware level.

We also understand it at the highest level. We understand that different parts of your brain control different functions. Vision is processed in the back, motor skills and reasoning in the front, emotions near the brain stem, etc.

What we DONT understand is what’s in the middle connecting the high level to the low level. How are the simple neurons connected in such a way to provide all these complex emotions? We don’t understand the master plan of the billions of intricate connections of how the neurons are hooked together.

We understand that the brain is a simple deterministic machine running on electricity. We just don’t understand how the structure of the connections provide complex emotions.

ML is promising because it basically would allow us to hook the neurons randomly, and provide some training data with reinforcement. And the neurons will make the connections themselves without requiring humans to understand it. We might create strong AI one day and still have no idea how it works. ML will do all the complex stuff for us.

Anyway, I would say we don’t have super intelligent computers right now because we don’t have the hardware. We don’t have a machine with billions of neurons that allows us to change the neuron connections through code. We only have simple processors that can only do one instruction at a time. So the tech just isn’t there. That’s not to say it isn’t possible though.