Judge Says 10 Rare Gold Coins Worth $80 Million Belong to Uncle Sam

A judge ruled that 10 rare gold coins worth $80 million belonged to the U.S. government, not a family that had sued the U.S. Treasury, saying it had illegally seized them.

The 1933 Saint-Gaudens double eagle coin was originally valued at $20, but one owned by King Farouk of Egypt sold for as much as $7.5 million at a Sotheby’s auction in 2002, according to Courthouse News.

After the U.S. abandoned the gold standard, most of the 445,500 double eagles that the Philadelphia Mint had struck were melted into gold bars.

However, a Philadelphia Mint cashier had managed to give or sell some of them to a local coin dealer, Israel Switt.

In 2003, Switt’s family, his daughter, Joan Langbord, and two grandsons, drilled opened a safety deposit box that had belonged to him and found the 10 coins.

When the Langbords gave the coins to the Philadelphia Mint for authentication, the government seized them without compensating the family.

The Langbords sued, saying the coins belonged to them.

In 2011, a jury decided that the coins belonged to the government, but the family appealed.

Last week, Judge Legrome Davis of the Eastern District Court of Pennsylvania, affirmed that decision, saying “the coins in question were not lawfully removed from the United States Mint.”

Barry Berke, an attorney for the Langbords, told ABCNews.com, “This is a case that raises many novel legal questions, including the limits on the government’s power to confiscate property. The Langbord family will be filing an appeal and looks forward to addressing these important issues before the 3rd Circuit.”

The family said in its suit that in another seizure of the 1933 double eagle, the government split the proceeds with the owner after the coin sold for $7.59 million in 2002.

A Surprising Number of Democrats Think Pizzagate Is True

Nearly half of the nation’s Republicans believe John Podesta’s leaked emails contain coded messages referring to “pedophilia, human trafficking and satanic ritual abuse,” according to a new poll from The Economist and YouGov. But more shocking is the number of Dems who have signed on to the asinine conspiracy: Twenty four percent say Pizzagate is “definitely” or “probably” true.

The poll asked respondents to weigh in on a series of questions labeled “conspiracy theories,” including some classics (Was 9/11 an inside job?) and some of the tinfoil crowd’s more recent hits (Did millions of undocumented people vote in the election?). Answers broke down largely along party lines, but it’s the small percentage of weirdos who believe in the conspiracies aimed at their own side that’s always the most fascinating.

For example, it’s not shocking to learn that more than half of Republicans think President Obama was born in Kenya, which was throughly debunked years ago. But it is shocking to learn that 20 percent of Democrats think so, too. On the other side, it’s easy to believe that a full 50 percent of Clinton voters think Russia “tampered with vote tallies” to help elect Trump, despite a lack of evidence. But why would 9 percent of Trump voters believe the same thing?

Despite broad disagreements on politically relevant conspiracy theories, Democrats and Republicans did find an issue to unite them — vaccines and autism. The poll found that 28 percent of Democrats believe “vaccines have been shown to cause autism” and 29 percent of Republicans do, too.

JW’s “Ten Most Corrupt Politicians” of 2008

First off, I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a great New Year’s celebration. As you probably know, it has become something of a tradition for Judicial Watch to comb through its files at the end of each year to determine which politicians earn the dubious distinction of being the most corrupt in Washington. The following is Judicial Watch’s 2008 “top ten” list in alphabetical order.

Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, today released its 2008 list of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians.” The list, in alphabetical order, includes:

Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY): Let’s start with the fact that Hillary Clinton is constitutionally ineligible to serve as Secretary of State in the Obama administration. According to the Ineligibility Clause of the United States Constitution, no member of Congress can be appointed to an office that has benefited from a salary increase during the time that Senator or Representative served in Congress. A January 2008 Executive Order signed by President Bush during Hillary Clinton’s current Senate term increased the salary for Secretary of State, thereby rendering Senator Clinton ineligible for the position. (Congressional “fixes” do not address the constitutional issue. Her appointment would be in violation of the U.S. Constitution.) And then, of course, there is the long history of corrupt behavior that follows Hillary wherever she goes, including Chinagate, Filegate, pardons for terrorists, pardons for cash (for her brothers), White House fundraising coffees, Whitewater, Travelgate lies, doing business with the State of Arkansas while her husband was governor, Web Hubbell, smear campaigns, false financial disclosure forms, John Huang, Chinese generals, the Lippo Group, paid sleepovers in the Lincoln Bedroom, cattle futures fraud, and stealing White House furniture. (This corruption is still going strong. In 2008, Hillary also received an illegal foreign campaign contribution in the form of a fundraising concert by music icon Elton John.)

Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT): Question: Which member of the U.S. Senate took the most campaign money from corrupt institutions Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Answer: Chris Dodd, Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee. Given this fact there is little reason to wonder why Senator Dodd blocked reform proposals for Fannie and Freddie, calling them “ill advised.” Dodd’s willingness to protect Fannie and Freddie would alone merit a spot on the “ten most corrupt list,” but there is much more. Dodd was also nabbed for accepting preferential treatment and loan terms from Countrywide Financial. The Connecticut Senator admitted earlier this year that he was told in 2003 when he refinanced two properties that he was being placed in Countrywide’s “VIP Program,” but said he believed this was simply a courtesy that had nothing to do with his position in the U.S. Senate. This is either a blatant lie or horribly naïve for a man who has served in the Senate for more than 25 years and currently chairs the Senate Banking Committee that regulates the mortgage industry. We’re not buying it.: Question: Which member of the U.S. Senate took the most campaign money from corrupt institutions Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Answer: Chris Dodd, Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee. Given this fact there is little reason to wonder why Senator Dodd blocked reform proposals for Fannie and Freddie, calling them “ill advised.” Dodd’s willingness to protect Fannie and Freddie would alone merit a spot on the “ten most corrupt list,” but there is much more. Dodd was also nabbed for accepting preferential treatment and loan terms from Countrywide Financial. The Connecticut Senator admitted earlier this year that he was told in 2003 when he refinanced two properties that he was being placed in Countrywide’s “VIP Program,” but said he believed this was simply a courtesy that had nothing to do with his position in the U.S. Senate. This is either a blatant lie or horribly naïve for a man who has served in the Senate for more than 25 years and currently chairs the Senate Banking Committee that regulates the mortgage industry. We’re not buying it.

Obama Advisor Valerie Jarrett (D-IL): CBS News once called Chicago politician Valerie Jarrett “the other side of Barack Obama’s brain.” Residents of a housing project in Chicago simply know her as “slumlord.” Jarrett is the former manager of Grove Parc Plaza, a controversial low-income housing project located in Obama’s former state senate district. According to the Boston Globe, the housing complex was considered “uninhabitable by unfixed problems, such as collapsed roofs and fire damage… In 2006, federal inspectors graded the condition of the complex an 11 on a 100-point scale – a score so bad the buildings now face demolition.” According to documents uncovered by Judicial Watch, Jarrett is also linked to a series of other shady real estate scandals involving convicted felon and former Obama fundraiser Antoin “Tony” Rezko. Jarrett has also been caught up in the Blagojevich scandal as Obama’s Candidate #1 for his senate seat. Most of Blagojevich’s corrupt negotiations with the Obama team centered on the possible Jarrett appointment. She remains mum on the scandal.

Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-CA): Rep. Lewis may share a name with a world-renowned comedian, but there’s nothing funny about his addiction to influence peddling and earmarking. Lewis, the senior Republican on the House Appropriations Committee, is under investigation for approving hundreds of millions of dollars in federal projects to benefit clients of one of his best friends, lobbyist and former Congressman Bill Lowery. According to press reports, Lowery, partners in his company and their clients donated approximately 37% of the funds collected by Lewis’ campaign PAC over a six-year period (an estimated $480,000) in return. Lowery has benefited handsomely from his relationship to Lewis. His company more than tripled its income between 1998 and 2004 with help from Lewis, while increasing its client base from 21 clients to 101 over that same time period. Despite these allegations, Lewis maintains his high-ranking position on the House Appropriations Committee.

President-Elect Barack Obama (D-IL): As Barack Obama assumes the presidency he already brings to the White House a large amount of ethical baggage. Obama’s presidential campaign had some of the ethical trimmings of a Chicago ward election. It was marked with enormous corruption issues, ranging from its alliance with the sleazy ACORN operation’s “voter registration” and “get out the vote” efforts to its acceptance of untraceable, and in too many cases, illegal online contributions. There are also Obama’s corrupt dealings with convicted felon Tony Rezko and unrepentant terrorist William Ayers, his below-market rate mortgage loans, his stock dealings and related “earmark” votes in the U.S. Senate, and his missing or non-existent official papers from his years in the Illinois State Senate. His ongoing cover up of his and his team’s role in the Blagojevich “pay-to-play” scandal is ruining his presidency even before he takes the oath of office.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA): Last year House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made the “most corrupt” list for sneaking a $25 million earmark for her husband into a $15 billion Water Resources Development Act passed by Congress. This year, Pelosi ran afoul of federal election law by participating in an illegal advertising campaign funded by Al Gore’s non-profit Alliance for Climate protection. The advertisement featuring Pelosi ran at least 300 times nationally, including in the House speaker’s district, during campaign season, representing an illegal in-kind contribution to her campaign. Perhaps more disturbing than this incident, however, is the fact that Speaker Pelosi has allowed corruption to run rampant in Congress and has ignored serious incidents of crooked behavior within her own party. Pelosi promised a new era of ethics enforcement during the 2006 campaign and she has failed to deliver. Instead, she continues to protect the worst of the worst of political corruption in the House of Representatives.

Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY): Rep. Charles Rangel, Chairman of the powerful Ways and Means Committee, took the unusual step of filing an ethics complaint against himself in 2008 related to scandals involving unpaid taxes and rent-controlled apartments. This act was clearly a publicity stunt, but regardless, the House Ethics Committee took the New York congressman up on his request, and even took things a step further by expanding the scope of its investigation. The initial transgressions that led to the ethics panel probe involve: Rangel’s failure to pay taxes on $75,000 in rental income he earned from his off-shore rental property; his efforts to use his influence to keep hold of highly coveted rent-controlled apartments in Harlem; and misusing his congressional office to fundraise for his private Rangel Center. Now Congress is looking into whether or not Rangel preserved a tax loophole for an oil drilling company in exchange for funding for the Rangel Center as well.

Former Rep. Rick Renzi (R-AZ): Three-term Republican congressman Rick Renzi was indicted by a federal grand jury in 2008 for conspiracy, extortion, money laundering and wire fraud. He allegedly used his influence on a House Natural Resources Committee to orchestrate a land swap with the federal government that financially benefited himself and his associates. The 49-year-old lawmaker, who owns an insurance business, is also charged with embezzling more than $400,000 from insurance clients to fund his congressional campaign. A 26-page federal indictment lays out how the legislator and his business associates conspired to obtain federal government land by swapping land they owned together because the coveted public land sits above underground copper deposits. The indictment says that the congressman concealed nearly $1 million that he made for using his influence to seal the land deals. No wonder Renzi decided to retire this year.

Former Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK): “Uncle Ted” Stevens, the face of Alaska politics for 40 years and formerly the longest serving Republican in the U.S. Senate, was narrowly defeated in his campaign for re-election in November. But that’s the least of his problems. Just days before the November election, Stevens was convicted on seven felony counts for accepting illegal gifts and then lying about it. The establishment of both political parties came to Stevens’ defense, including former Secretary of State Colin Powell and Democratic Senator Daniel Inouye, but to no avail. The jury found Stevens guilty on all counts. And now Stevens faces the possibility of a 35-year prison sentence.

Rep. Don Young (R-AK): Carrying on Alaska’s legacy of corruption, Rep. Don Young is also the subject of an influence peddling investigation. (You may recall it was Young who attempted to push through the $200 million “Bridge to Nowhere” boondoggle.) Well the Justice Department is also investigating the 18-term congressman for his corrupt ties to an oil services company, VECO, ironically the same company that furnished illegal gifts to Senator Ted Stevens. VECO allegedly used golf tournaments and pig roasts to illegally funnel cash to Young, which the 18-term congressman then failed to report on his financial disclosure forms. VECO Vice President Rick Smith has already pleaded guilty to bribing lawmakers to support oil-friendly legislation. The Alaska Republican also added a $10 million earmark for the construction of short stretch of road in Florida that benefited a wealthy campaign contributor. Real estate developer, Daniel Aronoff, had raised $40,000 for Young shortly before the earmark was inserted.


Former Senator John Edwards (D-NC): By day, former North Carolina Senator and Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards repeatedly professed his love for his cancer-stricken wife during media interviews and campaign speeches. By night, Edwards was carrying on an illicit sexual affair with a former campaign consultant, Rielle Hunter. Of course, Edwards denied the affair (calling it “tabloid trash”) even after he was trapped in the basement of the Beverly Hilton hotel by reporters from the National Enquirer during one of his late-night liaisons with Ms. Hunter. While Edwards did finally admit to violating his marriage vows, questions remain as to whether or not he broke any laws. Edwards’ former National Finance Chairman (who just passed away) paid large sums of money to Ms. Hunter, as much as $15,000 per month, in addition to covering Hunter’s moving expenses. Were these “hush funds” paid out of Edwards’ campaign coffers?

Former Rep. William “Dollar Bill” Jefferson (D-LA): William “Dollar Bill” Jefferson was nabbed in a sting operation accepting a $100,000 bribe from an FBI informant to broker business deals in Africa. During his conversation with the informant, who was wired, Jefferson famously remarked, “All these notes we’re writing to each other, as if the FBI is watching.” Well, the FBI was watching (and listening) and during a subsequent search of Jefferson’s home, investigators found $90,000 in cash stuffed in the congressman’s freezer. (The marked bills were later recovered by federal authorities.) Jefferson allegedly intended to use the money to bribe a Nigerian official over a business deal that would have enriched himself and his family. Jefferson was widely expected to return to Congress despite these serious allegations. However, in a December 2008 special election surprise, voters decided instead to send “Dollar Bill” into retirement.

Will ‘long-hidden footage of second shooter’ to be aired this week prove Lee Harvey Oswald did NOT act alone?

A Texas real-estate developer is in possession of footage of John F. Kennedy’s motorcade from that fateful day in Dallas that he believes supports the theory that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone.

Whether or not the footage is genuine isn’t yet known, but if it is, it would represent a dramatic development in a story 50 years in the making.

Following the 50th anniversary of the death of JFK, Stephen Bowen, who is also a principal in small film production company, decided the time was right to sell the footage, which reportedly depicts a second shooter, to the highest bidder.

According to The Wrap, Bowen acquired the film from a Houston television news producer, who had held onto it secretly for more than 40 years.

While no one has yet viewed the footage, it’s said to show a second shooter hiding in the bushes along the route the presidential motorcade took on 22 November, 1963.

‘You can see a guy in the bushes with a gun,’ the source told The Wrap.

It also reportedly contains lost and damaged frames from the famous footage made by Abraham Zapruder and sold to Time in 1963.

The 50th anniversary of John F Kennedy’s death has reignited the debate about the assassination, with many speculating recently that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone, including Oswald’s wife Marina Oswald, and John F Kennedy’s nephew, Robert F Kennedy Jr.

Kennedy Jr recently said that his father, Robert Kennedy thought the Warren commission that found Oswald acted alone was a ‘shoddy piece of craftsmanship.’

‘The evidence at this point I think is very, very convincing that it was not a lone gunman,’ said Kennedy Jr.

John Kerry has also spoken about his misgivings on the findings of the Warren commission.

‘Regarding possible conspiracies, to this day I have serious doubts that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone,’ he said in Parade magazine.

Trans-Pacific trade agreement shrouded – What is Obama hiding from us all

(NaturalNews) For some reason, President Barack Obama pushed for fast-track trade authority for a new trade deal that he also doesn’t want anyone in Congress to see before he gets that authority. Even worse, the Senate’s majority Republican leadership just gave Obama exactly what he wants. So much for having an “opposition” party.

For those who don’t know, “fast track trade authority” is the authority to make a trade deal and then offer it to Congress for an up-or-down vote, essentially taking away the ability of lawmakers to offer and add amendments. Obama wants this authority so he can sign off on a the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

Ordinary Americans, however, can’t learn anything about it because the administration has refused to make the details public. Even lawmakers — the people’s elected representatives — are sworn to secrecy before shown the details of the deal.

It’s the opponents of the deal who are the problem, not the White House’s secrecy

As reported by Politico:

If you want to hear the details of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal the Obama administration is hoping to pass, you’ve got to be a member of Congress, and you’ve got to go to classified briefings and leave your staff and cellphone at the door.

If you are a congressperson who wants to actually read the text of the deal — unlike when Democrats writ large passed the massive “Obamacare” legislation — you are asked to go to a room in the basement of the Capitol Visitor Center to be handed just one section at a time. Then, you are watched over as you read it and then forced to give back any notes you might have taken before you leave.

How can an administration get away with treating the people’s elected representatives this way?

“It’s like being in kindergarten,” Rep. Rosa DeLauro. D-Connecticut, who has become the leader of the opposition to President Barack Obama’s trade agenda, told Politico. “You give back the toys at the end.”

The difference is that this agreement is obviously not a play thing, and it’s equally obvious that this administration is once again trying to hide something. What is the devil in the details of the TPP agreement?

Secrecy is actually hurting Obama this time around, even in his own party. In fact, the push to keep the provisions of this deal hidden is central to the strategy being formed by congressional opponents. As Politico notes, the administration isn’t even telling Congress what it is asking for or what has already been promised to foreign signatories of the deal:

The White House has been coordinating an administration-wide lobbying effort that’s included phone calls and briefings from Secretary of State John Kerry, Labor Secretary Tom Perez, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker and others. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz has been working members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro has been talking to members of his home state Texas delegation.

In typical fashion for this administration, opponents of the deal are being portrayed as the problem rather than casting the blame on the White House.

“Officials from the White House and the United States trade representative’s office say they’ve gone farther than ever before to provide Congress the information it needs and that the transparency complaints are just the latest excuse for people who were never going to vote for a new trade deal anyway,” said Politico.

Oddly, one of the deal’s supporters is none other than Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky. He’s even gone so far as to compliment Obama while promising to bring the deal up for a vote “soon.”

Not all lawmakers are rolling over. Senator Jeff Sessions, R-Alabama, has sent Obama a letter demanding that the details of the current and future trade deals be made public before any vote.

“Congress has an obligation to defend the legitimate interests of U.S. workers, and the rights of all Americans as citizens of a sovereign Republic,” he wrote.

Diet cola drinks better for you than water, say scientists funded by the sugar industry

Diet drinks and colas could be better for us than water, claims a new study funded by the sugar industry. The researchers—six of whom have had direct funding from the sugar industry or are employed by sugar manufacturers—claim that the drinks, which use artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, reduce energy intake and body weight, and may do so better even than water.

The researchers based their findings on a survey of previously-published papers, many of which were tests on laboratory rats.

But of the 5,500 papers that were initially reviewed, just one or two—involving 500 people—suggested that diet drinks were better than water, and there was conflicting evidence even for this.

And yet this was the “take home” message from the study, said lead researcher Prof Peter Rogers from Bristol University, who has had funding from the UK’s Sugar Nutrition, which is supported by the sugar industry. In all, six of the 11 researchers had an association with the sugar industry, including two who were directly employed by sugar manufacturers.

AZ lawmaker who believes Earth 6,000 years old leads education panel

An Arizona lawmaker who believes the Earth is 6,000 years old is the new chairwoman of the state Senate committee that oversees education-related legislation.

Republican Sen. Sylvia Allen of Snowflake has a gift for going viral with statements that would be edited out of most school textbooks:

– Buying into conspiracy theories surrounding “chemtrails” — exhaust from aircraft — and suggesting the government is manipulating the weather.

– Sharing her opinion that church attendance should be mandatory, during a legislative debate on whether concealed weapons should be allowed in public buildings (she voted for the bill).

– Declaring the Earth “has been here 6,000 years,” during a debate over allowing access to public lands for mining and other purposes.

Senate President Andy Biggs on Monday named Allen to lead a committee that acts as a gatekeeper for education-related legislation, such as Common Core and spending. Allen succeeds Sen. Kelli Ward, who resigned last week to run full-time in next year’s GOP primary against Sen. John. McCain.

“She understands what Arizona students and parents need in our education system,” Biggs said in a prepared statement. “She is a very experienced legislator and I know she will do a wonderful job.”

Allen said her goal is “to highlight the incredible teachers who are the reason for our children’s success. I also want to focus on parents’ responsibility in their children’s education.”

To Protect Marijuana From Monsanto Patenting, Company Begins Mapping Cannabis Genome

A pioneering biotechnology startup has launched an online interactive guide that maps the genetic evolution of the cannabis genome, allowing for specific strains of marijuana that are already in the public domain a form of protection from patenting by large biotech firms such as Monsanto.

After two years of collecting samples, sequencing the plant’s DNA and developing the software to allow for a 3-D visualization of the collected data, the company was ready to unveil their long-awaited project.

“Sample collection was a huge part of this process,” Carolyn White, Sales and Marketing Manager at Phylos Bioscience told Willamette Week. “One side was a collaboration with growers, dispensaries and labs to collect modern samples, and the other a process of hunting down ancient landrace strains from all over the world.”

The Portland company, fittingly on 4/20, went online with its interactive guide, which the company calls Galaxy.

While there are a number of other companies that offer various services in identification and cataloging, none offer actual DNA sequencing, which provides an unparalleled level of accuracy.

According to a report in Willamette Week:

With the Galaxy, users can view the hereditary sequence of each plant by following lines that connect strains to their genetic parent or offspring. Similar plants are located close to each other, while color groups the plants into “tribes” based on their region.

“We’ve collected samples from all over the world, and cataloged the genetic information encoded in their DNA,” Dr. Holmes, Phylos’s chief science officer and molecular and evolutionary biologist, in addition to being a co-founder of Phylos Bioscience, told the NY Times, relating the DNA sequencing to an actual bar code in terms of identification and evolutionary relationship relative to other samples.

The data could theoretically help protect the intellectual property rights of growers from potential big business interests, such as Monsanto, from gaining a patent foothold in the growing industry.

Due to the social media attention given to the subject, Monsanto has attempted to refute any interest in producing GMO cannabis, posting on their website that the companies reported interest in GMO marijuana is nothing more than “an Internet rumor.”

Additionally, on April 25, Monsanto spokeswoman Charla Lord told Willamette Week that the company will not be getting involved in the marijuana business.

“Monsanto has not, is not and has no plans for working on cultivating cannabis,” Lord told WW.

Contrary to the public statements by Lord, White says that he expects companies like Monsanto will attempt to eventually patent cannabis.

“We think Big Pharma and Big Ag will be the primary audience after patents, and it will likely require writing new DNA in to the plant,” White told WW. “None of the folks at Phylos really see patenting as a viable tool for the average breeder.”

Phylos looks to assist in pushing more data into the public domain as a hedge against patenting by large bio-agribusiness as information in the public domain can’t be patented after one year.

“You can’t patent anything that’s been in the public domain longer than a year,” White told WW. “We set out to bring more knowledge and transparency to the industry and that’s still what we’re doing.”

The next step for the innovative company is the launch of a commercial sequencing product to allow for anyone to send in a sample to Phylos and have it sequenced. The sample would be placed into the Galaxy, with the customer being given a detailed analysis of the strains sequenced data.

Obama’s birth certificate was fake. Document comparison, analysis

A fair point… if someone wanted to frame Obama for forging his birth certificate, a decent strategy would be to forge ANOTHER birth certificate using his as the foundation document… then “discover” it later on.

I’m not buying it though, this has all the markings of an actual forgery… granted it’s a shit forgery… in fact, that’s the most sketchy part of this all. You’re forging a document for the fucking POTUS and you don’t bother to clean up your tracks with simple rotation tricks and introducing artificial artifacts and swapping out letters?

hey did stupid stuff all along. Like the server issue. I understand it was not secure and FBI found evidence at very least that there had been attempts to hack into the system.

The Affordable Care website. Millions of dollars and it didn’t even work. Like it was made by high school kids.

Well, I wouldn’t think they are “luddites”. There’s stupidity there but from what I have seen of people willing to do criminal acts like that, they have a special way of thinking that leads them to ignore things like that.

It’s hard for me to articulate what I see in their thought process. Like this: They see or hear or know the same facts as normal people, but they will deliberately block out data or facts and reality that most of us see straight away.

Same as they do for politics. Hillary voters will go crazy about Trump making crude remarks about women in the back of a studio or where ever when he’s having a private chat. But they don’t give hoot that Hillary called Bill’s victims “bimbo eruptions”. Or that she laughs about a case where she got a man out of jail after he raped a twelve year old girl so brutally she was hospitalized in a coma and can never have kids. They have no problem with Hillary claiming the kid was asking for it. They just ignore that. They also ignore the long standing assault allegations and police reports from his victims who never quit seeking justice and focus on Trumps accusers who suddenly show up only AFTER he decided to run for President. Selective recognition only of facts that fit their agenda.

I see this in all their thinking. They edit out the reality that doesn’t fit their world view. So it’s how they think when they are doing wrong. Like that clown who went on reddit for advice. He fails to see that it’s a public forum. Or he sees it and automatically edits it out or rationalizes it by thinking that no one can know who he is or who he works for or is too stupid to search the internet for clues and make a connection.

Besides, no one will know he ever did anything to the data. They depend on other’s being stupid. When they do get caught they will go silent and they feel protected by not speaking. Or denying what is plainly known to all. Watch when Hillary is lying. Sometimes she gets that gleeful smile when she is telling a lie. Problem with liars, they begin to believe their own lies.

People in business with the elites are not hired based on ability or skill. They are hired based on their obedience and willingness to go along with the agenda. Imagine if they were dumb enough to let someone smarter than them do IT for them. The info would have been leaked long ago because a lot of smart people have morals and ethics and know how to do things properly. Don’t let their incompetence be distraction. Let it be a tool. Always be skeptical, but don’t let this type of reasoning dismiss you from this information.

his is almost to perfect of a narrative. seems like a trap to me. Explosive story like this ignored by most major news sites, meanwhile obama decides today that he’s taking action against russia? either they are completely imploding or they about to use the fuck out of fake news/assange missing against us and rage war with russia

it is indeed. they have to go full bore with the people in action, its everyone you think it would be too, feinstein etc. CNN , huffpo, MSNBC, BBC, RUETERS, and other “major news” sites aren’t even looking at this (ABC and Fox are the only ones ive seen mention so far). All the rest are beating the wardrum for russia action.

accompanied by stories before hand of the white dude who shot up the church guilty plea so they get the racial angst up again. This is all being organized. Recount and all that was just to see what stuck and to provide a disctraction.

Look up the documentary “Hating Breitbart”. This is another breach in the MSM / BIG Gov lying narrative. This video/news piece needs to be pumped up by all of us. that guy investigating shit on his own for 5 years not giving up because he knows hes right , is going to get killed

What i think this means: obamas birth cert. is in fact doctored. could really end up being from saudi ariabia and had plans all along to keep it a constant war, then was implanted as president to further the leftist NWO / soros funded, spiritcooking, babyfucking, agenda.

Operation Wheelchair – Canada

I know the feeling. I live in an area that has dramatically changed since the 80s and 90s when manufacturing was booming. I see the homeless around here getting change (and bills, mind you) all the time. I see people helping them find their way around. I see people just sitting to talk to those who suffer from addiction (often brought on from a life of easy money in factory jobs with no education, then being kicked to the streets when they became obsolete)… We are often sold this narrative of the tough streets filled with awful people, but I can honestly say that I’ve seen much more good than bad out there.

The bad people make the news; the good people make the days, weeks, and lives of those who they touch. We might not all know their faces and names, but we appreciate all the good that good people do.

That’s because those are niche videos that people would only go to for help. Viral videos have people of all kinds watching. If you really want to see how stupid some people are then read public Facebook comments. The Facebook page “I fucking love science” posted something about the new Rover going to Mars. Its a rover being sent and paid for by ESA and ROSCOSMOS with minor help from CSA even. NASA has nothing to do with it in the slightest yet most of the comments people were bitching about their American tax dollars being wasted. Almost no one even read the article. I don’t know why I read Facebook comments, they just piss me off

I think most adults say those things in a joking manner, at least to some extent. I know I love to call my Canadian friends hosers, and make jokes about Canada being like our lovable retarded cousin of the north. They come back with quips about how I oughta go shoot up a convenience store because I didn’t get enough salt on my super-sized french fries.

The problem comes when children hear these statements, and think they are real values of their parents and teachers, and then start parroting it as a virtue. Well, that and stupid adults who actually believe all that crap.

I think the assumption comes from the locations they have exposure to in America. Some regions are full of wonderful people, some are full of inconsiderate idiots, with a mix of the opposite in basically all areas, though it really depends on the region. There are many more people in America than Canada, but to be honest, they are neither right nor wrong. Another point to consider is that while there is a lot of ignorance in certain regions, there is also a lot of hospitality in many of those regions. Ignorance of the world doesn’t make people any less friendly or considerate.

Point of view from a Canadian who has lived stateside a long time.

I was born and raised in Canada. I have lived in several parts of the US, visited many more. I’m currently living in Australia.

I will offer you some wisdom here. Whether you want to believe it or not, is up to you.

Americans in general are pretty fucking ignorant. More ignorant than a developed nation’s population should be. Yes, it is wrong to paint every American with that brush, because it’s not always true.

Every place you go, there will be nice people, and there will be bad people. What changes is the type of nice people you encounter.

The whole Southern Hospitality stereotype is very much true… If you are like them. If you are different in a meaningful way, that hospitality changes rather quickly. I’m pure white, but because of my ethnicity, I tan really well, and when I have a dark tan, I look Middle Eastern. The dramatic shift in attitudes towards me, was unbelievable. Places that I went to as a white man no longer treated me the same. Understand? The same people that I encountered before, treated me like total garbage after, simply because I had darker skin.

If you dig down into a person, and share your beliefs about things with each other, you’ll quickly find how unfriendly most of the US actually is. The US is only superficially friendly.

The point is… If they see you as one of their own, you’re golden. If not, then… Good luck.