Chris Benoit’s Last WWE Appearance – ECW

I was disappointed by WWECW because WWE had always hyped ECW as this crazy hardcore promotion with amazing talent and when they said it as coming back I got excited as I was too young to experience it in it’s heyday. Then when they showed it, it was just regular wrestling and I could tell it was completely different.

I was 11 at the time. Back in the good old runescape days I found out message boards were a thing. I didn’t actually buy the PPV. I only really had my parents budget for like one every few months. Mania was the last one I watched live. ANYWAY I remember like it was summertime. Spent all day playing out outside. Ate dinner and was super ready for RAW. The opening graphic played and then the graphic of Benoit was shown. He was my favorite wrestler. Like his world title run was the best thing to me when I was a kid. I just remember watching the show in silence. Certain parts made me cry a lot but other than that it was shock. I watched ECW when Vince said they would not mention him again that night and to heal and then I watched Smackdown where everything seemed back to normal.

When I woke up Tuesday morning my mom told me that he did it all. I mean I went to bed thinking they were all murdered. All day Tuesday I watched the news. Just sat on my couch from 11 am to 9 pm watching the news station because I couldn’t believe it. I mean I guess when you’re a child and your so called Hero kills 2 people and himself, those 2 people being his own wife and son, your view on anything may be different. That’s basically how I found out that it wasn’t real and I just didn’t want to watch anymore

People stupidly joke about the word “surreal” around here nowadays, but this is truly a surreal moment in hindsight. Knowing that we would’ve had a match of this caliber will always make me wonder “what if?”

Knowing that it would’ve been Benoit’s return to the world title scene makes me think it would’ve introduced a new really great time in wrestling again. I’m sure a couple weeks or a couple months later, Benoit would’ve eventually put over Punk and launched his WWE career into the stratosphere, possibly more powerfully than it did feuding against Nitro.

But hey, who knows.

Randy Orton vs Shawn Michaels Unforgiven 2003 Promo

I don’t think people ever really hated Reigns because of who he is, they just hated the push he was getting when he clearly wasn’t at the level he needed to be at to (in our minds) deserve it.

Now that he’s doing his own thing away from the title, and has mostly lost the super-serious “Me vs Everyone” gimmick in favor of the far-superior Roman “Best Friends with Dean Ambrose” Reigns gimmick people are seeing that he has character and can be entertaining.

In 2003, Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton were at their absolute best, character-wise. This era (post-drugs) HBK is phenomenal and he’s almost always been a top notch performer. Legend Killer Randy Orton was his best gimmick. Playing off all of his strengths and it’s a perfect gimmick.

This was easily my favorite HBK quote, his delivery & story telling of this promo was just exceptional & nobody in the WWE today even comes close. This feud & match was when you can see the overshadowing & potential of Orton as a main eventer in 03, & HBK made Orton look like a million bucks. Quote begins at 1:25 FYI in the promo vid.

Honestly, I’ve always felt Roman was a future star. My big problem with him earlier in the year was that WWE was trying to make him a present star, and he was nowhere near ready. He’s shown a lot of growth since then. Dunno if he’s ready to be The Man yet, but I wouldn’t immediately and vehemently reject him like I did earlier this year.

Santos 4×5 Flamengo Campeonato Brasileiro 2011

Goals: Borges, 4, 16, Neymar, 26, Ronaldinho Gaúcho, 28, Thiago Neves, 31, Deivid, 43 minutes from the first half; Neymar, 5, Ronaldinho Gaucho, 22, 36 minutes of the second half

Yellow cards: Welinton, Willians, Thiago Neves, Renato (Flamengo). Léo, Neymar (Santos)

Location: Vila Belmiro, in Santos (SP).

Referee: André Luiz de Freitas Castro (GO).

Auxiliary: Márcio Eustáquio Santiago (MG) and Erich Bandeira (PE).

Income and public: R $ 312,040.00 / 12,968 paying.

Rafael, Pará, Edu Dracena, Durval and Léo; Arouca, Ibson, Elano (Alan Kardec) and Goose; Neymar and Borges.
Coach: Muricy Ramalho

Felipe, Léo Moura, Welinton (David), Ronaldo Angelim and Junior Cesar; Willians, Luiz Antonio (Bottinelli), Renato and Thiago Neves; Ronaldinho and Deivid (Jean).
Coach: Vanderlei Luxembourg

Difficult to find an adjective to qualify what Santos and Flamengo did on Wednesday night, at Vila Belmiro, for the 12th round of the Brasileirão. A show, a concert, a show? It’s too little. It was, finally, a historical game, which will be remembered for a long time. In the end, Flamengo, of Ronaldinho Gaúcho, who lost 3-0, ended up getting the better of Santos, in a 5 to 4 to fill his eyes, to erase from the memory of the Brazilian fans the bureaucratic football presented by the Brazilian National Team Copa America The red-black ace, in short, showed the one that came when he returned to Brazil. It was great, as it was a long time ago, scoring three goals, reaching eight, top scorer of the competition. Neymar also shone, with disconcerting dribbles and two goals, the first anthological.

McGregor Vs BJ Penn

I remember hearing about Machida after looking up Franklin’s (when he as champ) record and seeing that he was KO’d by Machida and then looking up that fight on youtube.

The hardcores knew. He ko’d franklin who was going to fight for the mw title at that time. Doesn’t take away from bj to go to heavyweight. Still an impressive performance. Bj He Def won, better striking and controlled the ground game too.

Holy shit you people disparaging BJ Penn taking Lyoto to a decision with a 16kg (35 pounds) weight difference are idiots.

He took him to a competitive decision that he might have an argument for winning …. when people act like a 5kg (10 pound) weight difference means that he should be FINISHED EASILY.

Hell I don’t believe in weight mattering I believe in the best being the best but even I think a 16kg weight difference is PUSHING IT and is a big advantage. Put it in perspective you haters.

Mcgregor moves in weight but has to stay the same weight as Nate Diaz. Not saying anything but if Connor was at 155 and fought Nate while he was at 170, Connor would have a lot more speed on Nate. BJ Penn had the speed on machida because he was heavier. If they were the same weight, it would be a different story.

Johnny Mundo (John Morrison) “I’d love to wrestle Roman Reigns in 10 years, because by then hopefully he’d figure out how to work”.

John Morrison has told The World According To Wrestling, a show that explores characters and storylines in wrestling, that he’d love to wrestle Roman Reigns in about ten years because “hopefully he’d have figured out how to work.” In the same interview he also joked that he’d love to beat the crap out of Seth Rollins and reignite a rivalry with his friend Joey Mercury in the future.

The comments came in an interview in which Morrison (now Johnny Mundo in Lucha Underground) also talked about the live screen-testing of his character name in WWE, where he thinks the real revolution in women’s wrestling is happening, why his Johnny Nitro name was dropped, AJ Styles and the future of Lucha Underground after rumours of talks with WWE.

Below are some interview highlights:

On who he wants to wrestle in the future:

“Well I’ve fought most them. Everyone knows some day I’m gonna beat the crap out of Seth Rollins – that would be awesome. I’d love to beat the crap out of him. I’d just love to have a great match with Seth Rollins. Roman Reigns, I’d love to wrestle him in like 10 years if he’s still wrestling, because by then hopefully he’d figure out how to work. It would be cool to wrestle Joey (Mercury) too, man, we wrestled a few times in OVW about 13 years ago but it’d be cool to wrestle him now just because so much has changed for both of us.”


Pollin Establishes Education Fund

Abe Pollin, Chairman of Washington Sports and Entertainment and the Washington Wizards, have developed the Washington Sports and Entertainment Education Fund to benefit the children who lost a parent or guardian in the Pentagon tragedy on September 11th.

Our country and specifically our Washington area community has been profoundly affected by the events of September 11,” said Pollin. “Perhaps no one will be affected more than the children of those lost in this terrible tragedy. Historically, our organization has focused on education as a community outreach program and we feel that assisting the children of the victims of this tragedy with their future education expenses is the best way we can contribute to the relief efforts.

Irene and Abe Pollin made the first donation of $100,000 to the fund. Wizards star Michael Jordan has matched the Pollins’ contribution in as part of his pledge to donate his 2001-02 salary to the relief efforts.

Obviously our country has changed forever, but nothing has changed more than the lives of the families of the victims of this tragedy,” said Jordan. “This fund is one of several wonderful efforts that will benefit the victims of the September 11th attacks.

Jordan donated the remainder of his salary to other organizations involved in the September 11th relief effort.

Wizards Head Coach Doug Collins donated $500 for every Wizards win during the 2001-02 season, totaling $18,500. Wizards forward Christian Laettner donated $25,000 to the fund, while guard Chris Whitney donated $100 for every three-point field goal he made during the season for a total of $6,600.

The terminally ill Leicester fan who said the Foxes were keeping him alive loses battle with cancer

We’ve got some sad news to bring you here at Dream Team.

You may remember the story of terminally ill Leicester fan Tony Skeffington, who said the Foxes heroics were keeping him alive.

Unfortunately the story hasn’t got a fairytale ending as the 51-year-old has lost his battle with cancer.

The Australia-based Foxes fan stunned doctors by fighting for over a year with the illness, despite being given just four weeks to live last March.

He cashed out a $20 bet at 3,000-1 and won almost $35,000 – despite him only meaning to put a $2 bet on.

He died surrounded by his three children and wife Donna.

She said: “I got his children and we sat and watched the Leicester game together.

“He did have a bit of a jump up and down out of his seat when Vardy scored. He was not able to walk at that time, so we were shocked when he got up out of his seat.

“He could not say a lot, but his last voice was used watching the Leicester game, wearing his Leicester scarf.

“He used all his energy on the last match. He was talking with his sons and daughter about the refereeing decision and the game.”

Leicester now have one more reason to complete their remarkable season on a high.

Kevin Nash to Donate Brain for CTE Research

Former WWE Superstar Kevin Nash will donate his brain and spinal cord to the CTE Center at Boston University and the Concussion Legacy Foundation after his death.

“Chris Nowinski started the program, and I’ve had several concussions throughout my life and had scans done and stuff and knew that somewhere down the line, I’ve already had short-term memory problems,” Nash said. “I decided to go ahead. The only way you can diagnose this is after you’re dead.”

The center, founded by former WWE Superstar Chris Nowinski and Dr. Robert Cantu, is at the forefront of research on repetitive head injuries. Its researchers have identified dozens of deceased former NFL players and former sports entertainers as having suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE.

CTE is a degenerative brain disease that has been linked to repeated head trauma. Boston University highlights “memory loss, confusion, impaired judgment, impulse-control problems, aggression, depression, and, eventually, progressive dementia” as CTE’s main symptoms.

Nowinski complimented Nash on his bravery, per Rothstein:

It’s so powerful when icons like Kevin Nash are willing to pledge their brain for research and talk about it publicly. Brain donation is really driving our growing knowledge of CTE and the long-term effects of brain trauma. And so I’m hoping that we solve this problem before Kevin’s time comes, but Kevin announcing this means that other families are aware that this research is important and that if they lose somebody, they may think of the concussion legacy foundation.

Nash, 56, spent nearly a quarter-century in professional wrestling, performing for every major promotion in the United States. He worked under his real name and as Diesel in WWE and was an integral part of the NWO faction in WCW. His and Scott Hall’s defection was seen by many as one of WCW’s first power moves in the “Monday Night Wars.”

Nash later performed in TNA, where he was among the promotion’s biggest stars during the height of its popularity. WWE inducted Nash into its Hall of Fame in 2015.

Apparently in 2005 Hardcore Holly almost lost his arm to MRSA

That bob holly story from the F4W newsletter is astonishing no idea how they’re still in business. Adds more weight to what punk Said.

Besides the wording of WWE’s statement and fact that Punk dealt with his issues with WWE intelligently (in the sense he didn’t talk about his situation until he had a legal settlement from the company), there’s something else that gives his allegations an air of truth: the same thing happened to Bob Holly when Dr. Ferdinand Rios was in Amann’s role.

In his book, The Hardcore Truth, Holly wrote about what happened to him the day Eddie Guerrero died. He had found a bump on his underarm that wouldn’t go away. “By the time I got to Minneapolis, I felt like I had the flu. Dr. Rios checked me out backstage and said I had a staph infection and it had spread to the forearm. He told Johnny Laurinaitis that I was really sick and needed to go to the hospital to get it taken care of. Johnny said that I was needed on the overseas tour, so the hospital would have to wait. I’m not one to complain but even I said to Johnny, ‘I’m as sick as hell, man.’ Johnny insisted I go overseas. I thought it was just another case of working hurt—you work through it and it goes away eventually. If I’d refused to go, they would have probably fired me. Maybe that’s how Eddie had felt.”

By the time they got to Germany, Holly’s forearm had swollen up to twice its normal size. Rios attempted to drain the infection, but it didn’t help; the infection had spread to the bone and Holly was hospitalized: he had MRSA. Surgery didn’t work, so they put him on Vancomycin, the “last resort” antibiotic. It worked. The doctors told him that arm would have been amputated from the shoulder down if it hadn’t, and quotes one of them as saying that “That man [Laurinaitis] is the reason you ended up in the hospital and nearly lost your arm.”

Holly even wrote that “Because they’d gone against Dr. Rios’s orders, the company was very liable and they knew that they had set themselves up for a huge lawsuit. I could tell because they were kissing my ass the whole time I was off, telling me not to worry about anything and that they’d get me anything I needed.” By the way, you know how Laurinaitis said Holly was needed on the tour? He was in a battle royal every night.



Toyota Camry (78.5%) and the Honda Accord (76%) both contain more domestic content than the Chevrolet Camaro (68%)

What could be more American than a Chevrolet Camaro? The answer might surprise you: A study by American University’s Kogod School of Business found that the Toyota Camry (78.5%) and the Honda Accord (76%) both contain more domestic content than the Chevrolet Camaro (68%), which barely edges out the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport (67.5%) and the Kia Sorento (67%).

The fact is, we live in a brave new world where “American” cars are built in Korea, “German” cars originate in Mexico and “Japanese” cars come from the good old US of A. But that’s not all—parts for cars assembled in America often come from abroad. That means the cars in a city crowded with GM, Ford and Chrysler products might be less American than one filled with Toyotas and Hondas..

With this in mind, we at CarsDirect thought we’d ask which major cities drove the most—and least— American cars.

Some findings weren’t unexpected:–

  • With a score of 80%, Phoenix was the only major city that exceeded the national average of 74%, which Chicago matched.
  • West Coast cities have traditionally embraced imports, so lower scores from Los Angeles (62.3%), San Jose (61%), and San Diego (45%) are in line with expectations.

But there were also some surprises:

  • The American content of cars in Texan cities—Houston (68%), San Antonio (62.1%) and Dallas (46%)—wasn’t just middling. All three drive less American cars than New York City (73%).
  • And it might be the home of the Liberty Bell, but Philadelphia isn’t exactly patriotic in its car-buying habits. The American content in its cars is just 49%.


How the list was assembled: We created a “top ten” list of cars for each of the largest cities in America by looking at traffic to individual vehicle make/model pages where shoppers choose options for cars. We then used data from Kogod to give each city points based on the cars appearing in its top ten list. Each city’s percentage is based on the score they received out of a possible 850 points. (No cars are any longer 100% American.) Please note that the scores are based on a list of vehicles most shopped for and does not necessarily represent the vehicles most sold in the U.S.